9 Most Popular Memes of all Time

most popular memes

Like it or not, it’s looking like memes are going to be one of the current generation’s crowning cultural legacies.

What was the internet meant for? If you say memes, you are an elite member of society because who doesn’t love a good meme? They’re the best thing to have come out of the internet. Memes have been around for the longest time now, everybody knows what they are, but nobody can explain them in simple words. They have the power to spark at least a little joy on the darkest of days.

There’s a meme about everything out there- movies to sports, politics to everyday life! Silly as they are, I remember the first time I got into memes, it was the relatability that got to me. The realization that I’m not the only one who feels or thinks a certain way was revolutionary!

As a meme connoisseur (yes, that’s a thing), it was hard for me to pick only a few most popular memes of all time. However, there are a few meme templates that are timeless and iconic. A cultural phenomenon, so popular that kids may learn about them in school! I have to admit, researching for this blog sent me into a rabbit hole of memes, and I have no complaints.

So, here are 9 of the most popular internet memes:

Disclaimer: If you have not seen some of the following memes, please crawl back to civilization.

1. Success kid

If the title doesn’t ring a bell this might paint a picture- a kid wearing a green shirt, clenching a fist full of sand. The original image is from 2007 and it features a young Sammy Griner who is all grown and a teenager now. The picture became instantly famous making Sammy Griner one of the most popular kids on the internet. The memes created with his pictures are timeless and they still make an appearance every now and then in the meme world. This meme not only made the kid famous but also paid for his father’s kidney transplant by using the money made off the meme. So, if you see your kid creating a meme, support the art! It might save someone’s life someday.

2. Grumpy cat

This one needs no introduction or any visual description. Perhaps one of the most famous felines in the world, no offense to all the other felines but Grumpy Cat was royalty. Grumpy Cat is the epitome of an annoyed expression. The facial expression of Grumpy cat is caused by dwarfism and a severe underbite and ironically these were the reason for the internet fame both for Tardar Sauce, the original name of Grumpy Cat and her owner. Grumpy Cat became so popular that her owner made an exponential profit from selling Grumpy Cat’s merchandise.

3. Distracted boyfriend

Did you know that the “distracted boyfriend” first became famous in 2017? And almost 5 years later the distracted boyfriend is still largely popular in the world of memes. The meme that was originally a joke on infidelity has now launched thousands of other memes that are not even related to infidelity. Perhaps, the best part about the meme is a series of photos with the same models, where the narration changes and the two women fall in love, leaving the guy miserable. The internet never fails to amaze us.

4. Doge

This meme is the OG of canine memes, it features a Shiba Inus breed dog with a quizzical face. The meme is often accompanied by colorful sentences written in broken English. The picture that comes to your mind after reading the above lines is probably right. Most of the memes mentioned can be traced back to Reddit and even the Doge meme traces its origin to Reddit, once again proving that Reddit is not just a platform but a whole universe in itself.

5. Nokia 3310

The most famous line that goes with this meme is “falls on the floor, breaks the floor,” and it is true to some extent. If you still remember this phone in its physical form, and not just from an internet meme, you’re an elite member of the 2000s kids. The original Nokia 3310 was durable, with a long-lasting battery and strength to withstand any external force. This meme is still relevant in a world where smartphone batteries are weak, and screens are super easy to break.

6. Phliosoraptor

Mash a philosopher and a raptor (velociraptor) together and you get a Phliosoraptor. This meme has content that will qualify as shower thoughts and the questions will even make you think. For example, “If you spill cleaning products, did you make a mess?” or “Wouldn’t it be ironic to die in the living room?” and so many more gems like these. This is one of the OG, timeless memes and we are not complaining.

7. Salt bae

Perhaps, one of the newest memes in the lot, Salt Bae took the internet by storm and he became famous overnight. His unique way of preparing and seasoning meat, especially the part where he puts salt on the meat made him and his restaurant famous. There is just something about his signature glasses, white t-shirt, and his stylish way of sprinkling salt on the meat- all of which rightly got him christened ‘Salt Bae’ by the internet. We believe the Salt Bae meme will be timeless and can’t wait to see what netizens will do with it next.

8. Evil Kermit

Another meme that stands the test of time is “Evil Kermit”. It is a cultural icon. The ironic thing about Evil Kermit memes is that it is not based around Kermit’s warm lovable personality at all! It’s essentially you talking to your evil self, where the evil Kermit keeps suggesting that you make poor choices! These memes are highly relatable to every single person out there because they mercilessly expose the silly conversations we have with ourselves in our heads!

9. Shut up and take my money

This meme is courtesy of the “Attack of the Killer App” episode from season six of the animated sitcom Futurama. This particular meme is very relevant, especially in a generation where we discover new and innovative technologies and products every day! There are devices for everything, things our parents’ generation couldn’t even have dreamed of. I would not think twice before spending on a portable neck fan (look it up)! So what do I say? “Shut up and take my money!”

If you think I missed other iconic memes that should’ve been on the list, make a video on Rizzle and mention them and we will come back with a part 2. The internet is a gift that keeps on giving, so when you find new memes, make sure to share them with your Rizzle community using PiP, and spread the joy!

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