5 Movies and TV Shows You Can’t Watch Just Once!

Most rewatchable movies/tv show

There’s good entertainment, and then there’s great entertainment. Here’s a list of the most re-watchable movies and TV shows!

Storytelling is an art form very dear to humans since the beginning of time. Our civilizations and histories subtly revolved and continue to revolve around stories- told, written, and now filmed. Especially with online streaming available, movies and TV shows have become an integral part of our lives. So much so that people connect over and make friends based on the kind of shows they watch. In a multitude of media, there is to consume, there are some precious jewels that have a universal appeal, movies, and shows that one wouldn’t mind watching over and over again.

Here’s a shortlist of the most rewatchable movies and TV shows:

The Office (US)

A timeless masterpiece, this show has etched its name in the hall of fame and is here to stay! The mockumentary-style sitcom follows the everyday lives of office employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Scranton. The Office is riddled with witty, satirical, tongue-in-cheek jokes, but that’s not all. Each character’s development through the seasons, especially that of Michael Scott’s is commendable, He’s one of those few TV characters that you hate in the beginning, but end up loving! The show has a wonderfully peculiar way of dealing with emotions its characters feel, especially embarrassment. They portray it in such a way that the viewer feels second-hand embarrassment for the character! Case in point- Scott’s Tots! If you know, you know. The smart humor and loveable characters just call out to you every now and then, and you can’t help but answer.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

B99 is one of the best TV shows on the air right now. It depicts the lives of New York police officers of a 99th precinct. Apart from being incredibly funny, it is also often praised for the diversity of its main cast. Each character is carefully developed throughout the show, and the relationships they forge with each other have the fandom beaming with joy. Another wonderful aspect of this show is its wokeness! It is a very socially aware piece of work and handles many social issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia with great care and respect. Who wouldn’t want to watch a wholesome show like that over and over again?

Mean Girls

This movie is a modern cult classic and there’s no denying that! It’s packed with glam, an insanely talented cast, iconic lines, and truckloads of nostalgia! The plot is a classic high school comedy-drama that follows the inner monologue of a teenage girl who’s new to town. In a way, it’s an exaggerated but honest tale of a teenage girl’s struggle with school, friends, fake friends, her crushes, and most of all herself. This movie’s superpower, however, is its highly quotable lines! They’re so great that they’ve made their way into millennial culture: case in point, “Is butter a carb?”
Mean Girls is incredibly funny and extremely re-watchable.

Forrest Gump

Is there a movie that everyone loves? Could it be? Absolutely! Forrest Gump, summed up in one word, is wholesome! This story of a simple boy and his journey through life filled with great highs and low lows is beloved to every movie buff. Tom Hanks played Forrest Gump so well that it is hard to imagine any other actor in this iconic role. Forrest’s life is riddled with larger-than-life incidents, like when he first runs without the help of these braces, or when he joins the military and loses his good friend in battle, or when he becomes a worldwide table tennis champion, or when he starts an incredibly successful business, or even when he inadvertently runs a cross country marathon attracting nation-wide media attention! However unrelated these incidents may seem, they are connected seamlessly in the movie, and you cannot help but fall in love with it and Forrest himself. A wonderful story like this always has people coming back.
And might I add, it’s safe to assume we all hate Jenny, right?

Home Alone

It’s a cold December night, you’re curled up on the couch with your family and Home Alone is running on the TV. Would you skip it? I didn’t think so! This movie is a Christmas classic. This story of an 8-year-old Kevin McCallister who’s forgotten at home while his family goes away for a holiday is very dear to our hearts! It’s fascinating to see how a little boy gets through his day without any supervision whatsoever. What more? He fends off a pair of burglars (incredibly funny characters) and protects his home. The booby traps in the movie, albeit impractical and unrealistic, are extremely entertaining to watch. Home Alone emphasizes the themes of family and home, and thus very tempting to re-watch around the holiday season.

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