Rizzle Series: Must-Watch Hindi Series Part VII

Must watch Rizzle series part 7

Start your weekend by watching these four series that are a combination of sweet, warm, fun, and playful.

Start your weekend by watching these four series that are a combination of sweet, warm, fun, and playful. Have a taste of vertical series along with a cup of chai. What else could be the best way to welcome the upcoming weekend.


Bigg Bosss series is a parody created by Amit Kamble. It’s based on the theme of the Big Boss reality Tv show. In this series, the reality Tv life is set in a household and the mothership of the house is the main boss. All the residents who live in the house have to do and behave as told by the boss. In every episode, the residents are given tasks that they must fulfill and there are some fun repercussions for those who don’t. This comedy series is good to watch when you need a break.
Rating: 3.5/5


When it comes to families, they are the most selfish and also the most selfless. It’s a trick of love because no one can really live without family. This series tells us a sweet story between three family members who bond as the day passes by and it becomes difficult to say bye when they leave. This is a sweet family show that is a must-watch for some warm hugs and big smiles.
Rating: 3.5/5


War Karle is an original series, starring Mitali Pandey who plays the role of a modern babu ‘Jenny’. A show where you’ll get to see the Saas and the Babu go off at each other. It’s not exactly a typical Saas-Bahu, but more about who loves ‘Deep’ the son & husband more. They go off at each other to show who knows more about Deep. You’ll get to see them having fun roasting at each other with sarcasm.
Rating: 3.5/5


Starring Zuber Shaikh, Wife Challenged Husband is about a marriage that has arguments about responsibilities and has different perspectives and values about it. Annoyed by the constant taunts and not receiving any help from the husband with household work, the wife challenges the husband to take care of the house for only one day to make him understand how difficult it is to take care of the house. If the husband fails to keep his share of promises then he would have to help her out every weekend. Watch the series to find out who wins.
Rating: 3.5/5

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