Must Watch Horror Series On Rizzle

Horror series on Rizzle

Get spooky with these Rizzle series.

When the usual feels boring, there are few ways to make life more interesting. One of them is by watching something scary while cozying up on the couch or hiding under the covers for comfort. Rizzle presents exclusive short series in many genres. One of them is horror. These series are binge-worthy episodic content that people can consume within 12 minutes. We have rounded up the best scary series that are available to watch on Rizzle.

Instead of spending hours together for the frights, watch Rizzle’s short and frightening series. If you are looking for a series marathon, these would help. Gathered here are the scariest and most binge-able horror series on Rizzle. So freak out and enjoy yourself with these spooky fun series.

My Ghost Experience

My ghost experience by Pratibha Mod features herself along with her brother Shubham Mod. It spans 11 episodes and is the most-watched horror series with more than 2.5 million views. This series is rated 4 stars making it a highly binge-worthy one. In this series, Pratibha shows her personal experience of terrific paranormal activities that happened in her Mumbai based rented room.
After lots of paranormal activities, she sees the ghost and needs someone to be by her side. Just then her brother visits and the ghost doesn’t let the two of them step outside. Later she turns into a ghost and attacks her brother. Finally, a spiritual man comes and rescues them from the ghost and the haunted house. She says that they were rescued and are free but the rented house in Mumbai is still haunted. The horrifying tale of the rental flat is based on a real-life story depicted by the talented Pratibha Mod.

Haunted Haveli

Haunted Haveli by Parmeet Singh is another horrifyingly freaky series of 30 episodes. You can binge-watch all the episodes in just half an hour. Parmeet shares terrifying and creepy experiences that he had to go through in his adventurous jungle ride along with his friend in the first 10 episodes. He names the two friends Chintu and Pintu.
In the first 10 episodes, Parmeet and his friend plan an adventurous trip and go into the jungle. They find a mansion and think of taking shelter there. After entering into the haveli they experience all sorts of paranormal activities and encounter a ghost. Watch to find out what happens next.
In the other episodes, Parmeet Singh narrates some really scary incidents of his involving ghosts.

# Haunted Haveli

This 3 stars rated series consists of 10 episodes by Immy featuring Immy himself. Watch him and join his journey complete with the freaky background music to the haunted haveli where he unveils a negative force that takes control over anybody who enters the haveli.
Immy, an investigator in order to get married to his love, gets to hear about a reward that whoever stays in the haunted haveli will own the haveli (property) forever. He then goes to investigate it. Immy does not believe in the existence of ghosts. He goes in and finds out some interesting things. Will he find the truth behind the haunted haveli? Are his beliefs true? Watch to find out the creepy truths.

Ghost Stories

This is another horror series by comedian Vikas Thakur. Vikas experiences different paranormal activities happening around him in his house and have no clue of what is going on. Vikas plays himself and other roles too. He shares how it feels when someone is heard or seen when you are all alone at home. He tries to present every situation of how ghosts exist and how they haunt. Watch these 11 episodes and know-how Vikas and the Baba face the Ghost and how the spooky saga ends.

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