Must-watch shows for anyone in their 20’s!

Types Of Pellichupulu

The Rizzle series listed below accurately capture the essence of the various aspects that make up a young person’s most pivotal years.

The ’20s are a person’s first taste of adulthood. It is an uncontested fact that these years are the most vital and interesting years of one’s life. There’s so much happening in terms of career, romance, family, and whatnot, all of which have real-life consequences, unlike the carefree teenage years. The Rizzle series listed below accurately capture the essence of the various aspects that make up a young person’s most pivotal years.

These series are a must-watch show for anyone in their twenties because they’re relatable, light-hearted, and breezy, watching these shows will leave you with a smile on your face!

Next Enti

One question that every new graduate dreads, hates, and gets annoyed by is “What’s next?” How exactly is one supposed to answer that question? They just get done with 3–4 years of college and people won’t stop hounding them about their future plans! Next Enti revolves around one such man who finished college, and is now under pressure from his parents, his girlfriend, and himself for not having a plan. He must somehow deal with this pressure while trying to figure out what to do with his life.

Oka Roju Matalu Rakapote

We’re all familiar with a potty-mouth in our friend’s group. They speak their mind uncensored, and don’t shy away from any profanity whatsoever! But what if their voice has a mind of its own and doesn’t want to be used to spit swear words in every sentence? Oka Roju Matalu Rakapote is about one such girl whose voice silences itself for a day in protest of her relentless swearing! The protagonist must now go one whole day without saying a word. Her struggle to get simple daily tasks done is hilarious, to say the least! Don’t miss out on the fun!

Maa Middle Class Kashtalu

This show is about a day in the life of a middle-class college girl who will leave you in splits! No matter the economic status, we’ve all struggled as college students, and Maa Middle-Class Kashtalu will evoke a sense of nostalgia in you. The protagonist needs to get ready for an event at her college, and the hoops she has to jump through in order to get to the finish line are not easy, to say the least. From having her mother squeeze the life out of an empty tube of toothpaste, because of conservation, to straightening her hair using an iron box- this show is hilarity unleashed! And you the guaranteed to fall in love with this quirky, frugal, and funny character!

Types Of Pellichupulu

Arranged marriages are a big ordeal in Indian families. Boy meets girl, along with their families, attempt to get a gist of what the other person is like in a few minutes and decide to marry or not marry them. As crazy as it sounds to make a huge life decision by meeting just once, the stories that come out of match-making are incredible! How honest or phony, frank or reserved someone is being, one’s attempts at making a joke going completely over the other’s head, and all things interesting that happen only at match-making are worth the watch! Types of Pellichupulu depicts the different types of scenarios and people who meet and try to get to know each other. And irrespective of if you can relate or not, you will definitely have a good laugh!

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