On Deception and Romance

Rizzle Series on deception and romance

There are a lot of amazing Tv shows that have many seasons and goes on for years. The wait for the new season is exhilarating and nerve-racking and if the series is good it is worth the time and commitment but we have all seen GOT so we know that it is not always worth it. But is not the same with mini-series like we have on Rizzle. They end with a few super short episodes and leaves the audience wanting more but at the same time satisfied with the story.


Falling in love is easy but getting the person that you fell in love with to love you back is difficult. Some might even say it’s impossible because mutual love is rare to find. But what’s not rare again is the number of people who excel at making people believe that they love them. Some might call them a flirt or a player and there are a whole lot of them. Sometimes, when a show is incredible, it deserves more than just one season. This series centers around a hardcore casanova who has a wicked plan. The vibe of the series along with the setting is one to look forward to. So, with all the above in mind, start watching Casanova on Rizzle now!


Another unique thing about this series “Casanova” is that it has 3 parts. If you have watched the first part then by now you have an idea about what is going on but if you haven’t watched part 1, this is where you should stop. Spoilers. Our Casanova is after his close friend’s wife and the way he made an impression on her is amazing even though his actions are completely wicked. But the irony is that this Casanova will have you on his side with the way he looks into the camera and talks about his game. Hold your gears and wait for the final part!


Perhaps the most intense part of the series, it will make your heart race and wonder what the next person will do. There is so much at stake and the three characters in our story are one decision away from turning all their lives around for better or worse, depending on who the character is. Three major questions will determine their fate. One, will Casanova succeed in seducing his friend’s wife? Two, will the wife change Casanova’s life for the better without the infidelity? Three, will the husband lose both his wife and his friend? Binge-watch Casanova on Rizzle to find out more!

Host is the Ghost

This is the best horror-comedy you will have watched in a long time! The first part of this series is not for the faint-hearted, especially for those who are afraid of ghosts or other supernatural entities. But the second part is super humorous that makes the series more of a comedy rather than a scary one. Here’s a clue, the amazing backstory of the ghost will make you remember all the stand-up comedians in India. With the possibilities of the ghost turning against them and the chance of the couple getting fed up with the ghost’s stories, binge on this series “Host is the Ghost” on Rizzle now!

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