On History And New Beginnings!

Short series on Rizzle that deals with history and new beginnings.

History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul. John Dalberg-Acton

For some people, schools have made even the word history so boring and unbearable but history is not at all boring especially if it is the history of something that interests you or something that you love. We all have our biases after all. So, this week on Rizzle we have some pretty interesting history about some fun topics so go to Rizzle and watch now!

History of Toy Brands

The toy industry is vast and massively overlooked by people who don’t buy toys. It is not necessary that only parents buy toys because most of us know a kid or two and going to Hamleys becomes a necessity. The toys section in any malls or shops is always interestingly packed with a variety of toys with some famous brands like Legos, Fisher-price, Barbie, etc. Interestingly, the history of these companies is very exciting, so hop on to Rizzle to watch this series about the History of toy brands.

History of Gaming

It is so rare these days to find people who don’t play games. With a myriad of games out there with different genres, it is easy to find a game that is suitable for a person of any age. The gaming industry has transformed so much in the past decade and its history is very interesting. This series talks about some of the most popular games and their history. So, gamers and history lovers enjoy the show.

Does it Hold Up?

Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to pass the test to time. In this show “Does it hold up?” Brian and Max take a look at movies they loved as children to figure out how well their favorite movies have aged. Disclaimer! If you love the first Transformer movie, do not watch this show because their insight is pretty accurate and you can’t unhear most of them!

Welcome to 4th Street

This series is perfect for all Law and Order SVU fans because of all the different and relatable avatars created in the series. Another reason why everyone should watch this series is for the way the creator has used the green screen feature, he has an impeccable choice of pictures for every scene accompanied by amazing costume and voice modulation. So, don’t miss this series!

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