Here are Some Positive Things That Happened In 2020

Positive Things That Happened In 2020

Because we need every bit of positivity to survive this year!

We are only halfway through 2020 and the world is cursing this year to be the worst of all from the pandemic, cyclones, earthquakes, and other dreadful things. Many have lost their loved ones, and some are struggling, scared, broken, and frustrated. Things may not be great right now, as the coronavirus pandemic is dominating most of our thoughts and news but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good in this world. While this year seems hard, some positive things happened, some of us used this quarantined period to rekindle with ourselves and strengthen our bonds with our family and loved ones. Out of coronavirus came creativity and out of activism came a change for the better.

Here’s a list of all the things that might bring back your hope and make you think about the positives which still exist during this time.

Pollution levels are dropping

Our planet got a minute to breathe. Yes, when the entire world got quarantined in this pandemic, the planet received a breath of fresh air. All we did was sit at home and the climate changed drastically. New Delhi’s pollution levels dropped by a significant 60% just in the first week of lockdown and NASA recorded a 20 years low pollution level in India. Pollution levels dropped significantly all over the world as transport and business stopped. This is one of the best positive things that happened in 2020.

Healthy Eating

Our diets changed for the better. As COVID19 has pushed working moms and dads to work from home, they’ve had no choice but to brush up on their cooking skills. People started cooking healthier meals than usual, rather than eating from outside. The effect of lockdown on restaurants, food courts, and junk foods has made people experiment with new recipes and turn towards a more balanced diet.

Charities and Donations

The number of donations given to leading NGOs and charitable organizations has significantly increased during this pandemic. The government came forward to help millions of homeless people and those in need. Also, many citizens and celebrities took it upon themselves to donate and help people who lack necessities. Few media platforms also came forward to help, such as Netflix. The OTT platform donated more than 1 million to provide relief to freelancers.

Survivors Are Turning Donors

COVID-19 survivors are turning donors to save lives. The recovered patients are donating their plasma to save other corona-affected people to help them fight the infection. Once a person fights the infection, his or her plasma contains COVID-19 antibodies to fight back against the virus. These antibodies work as immunity to fight the virus.

Australia Free from Fiery Bushfires

Bushfires in Australia finally stopped. This fire had killed 28 people, devastated thousands of houses, and affected millions of animals. After 240 days the non-stop bushfires came to a halt in New South Wales, Australia. The heavy rains extinguished the fires in just a week. This is the most positive news we’ve had in some time.

Let us move forward with only positive vibes and celebrate like the 103-year-old grandma who beat COVID-19.

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