5 reasons Why Pride Month is a Significant Celebration

Why Pride Month is a Significant Celebration

A toast to love!

It’s June, and it is the best month of the year. At least it used to be. There is no school and everyone is busy working on their summer bodies, that summer job, or prepping for Pride month. Whether you are a member of the LGBT community or an ally it doesn’t matter, as long as you stand for love in all its form, in all its colors, and in all its form because love is love. It is really important to know the significance of Pride Month and the historical value it holds leading to LGBT liberation.
Pride acceptance and safety: Pride Month celebration is significant because it is important to let members of the queer community know that they are accepted just the way they are and most importantly to let them know that they are safe. With the history of violence inflicted on the queer community, sometimes even from their own family, it is important to accept them and make them feel safe. It is already difficult for some people to come to terms with their orientation, so the least we can do is assure their safety.


LGBT consciousness is something that not everyone is familiar with. Even if we belong to a generation where the dissemination of information is faster than ever, there a still a huge section of people who are not aware of the queer community. Pride Month plays a pivotal role in spreading awareness because members of the queer community are more open. Pride parades are a statement for legal rights such as same-sex marriage and breaking stereotypes about the queer community.

History of Stonewall uprising

The modern gay rights movement is born out of the 1969 Stonewall uprising. It is considered one of the most important milestones towards getting LGBT rights and liberation. It all started in June 1969 when the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village. The queer community stood against the harassment by the authorities and started a riot that lasted for three days. This incident leads to the start of the first Pride march in 1970 and the rest is history.

Normalizing queer families

People are familiar with the notion of queer families, two-dad and two-mom but they have still considered queer families a taboo in most societies even though same-sex marriage is legal in many countries now. Pride Month and Pride marches are a way of showing their visibility to the world.

Changing hearts and minds

Change is possible, even when homophobic and transphobic attitudes exist. There are many touching stories on the internet where people who were once against the queer community but they came around. Pride month is empowering and it allows people to see the queer community from a different perspective.

People are still assaulted every day because of their real gender identity, while the conditions of the queer community have improved over the years it is still not devoid of discrimination. Pride month is a celebration of that uniqueness and the proof that no matter what happens, rights can never be taken for granted. Happy Pride month everyone.

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