Prompts – Your Go-To for Short Video Ideas!

“Everything begins with an idea.” – Earl Nightingale

Short videos are the snacks that you can munch on any time! You could be on any social media platform and find a short video to watch. In every form, videos are the most convenient way of gaining information, and not to mention, an excellent source of entertainment. 

So how do you keep this source from drying out? How do you ensure that you have enough fuel to make new videos? 

The answer is simple! Prompts! 

What are Prompts?

Every video begins with an idea, and we give you just that. 

Prompts are your bros – they give you a bro hug when you run out of short video ideas! They are the blanket you fall face-first into after a long tiring day. Prompts are the Robin to your Batman when you run out of short video ideas! 

Okay, we took it too far, but seriously…

Prompts are quick, easy ideas that prompt you to make a video. See what we did there? They give you a situation, a scene, or a general idea to make a video. They can prompt you to act something out, dance, sing, show something, or share your opinion about something. 

A video sharing an opinion about something is called a Commentary. This is one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube in 2021. We are drama-loving people who love sharing and listening to opinions. Prompts allow us to do just that. So as you can guess, Prompts have a universal application to several situations. 

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s look at some fun facts about Prompts! 

Where are Prompts? Prompts kahan hai?

Yahan, sarkar! 

It’s no secret that Prompts are available exclusively on Rizzle! But where exactly on Rizzle? Here’s how you can find them! 

  1. Go to the Rizzle app. 
  1. Go to the Camera screen.
  1. On the bottom left, tap on Prompts.
  1. Unleash the creative gateway that is Prompts. 

Yes, it’s that easy. On the Prompts screen, you can find an endless amount of short video ideas that will compel you to tap on that record button! So buckle up, wind down, and let that creativity flow! 

How to Make a Video on Prompts?

If you know where our generous little idea-givers are, then you are on the Prompts screen. Now that you’re here, how can you use them to make a video? We’re here to show you! Here are a bunch of things you can remember while using a Prompt to create a video!

Select a Prompt.

Just like our Templates, we have Prompts for just about anything! So while you’re on the Prompts screen, you can browse through our various categories and select a Prompt that interests you by tapping on it. 

Record Your Video.

Tap on the Prompt you like, and you will directly be taken to the Camera screen. Here, you can shoot your video, take adequate pauses, use the Picture-in-Picture or Green Screen feature according to your video requirement. 

Be in The Frame.

You want to make sure that your face and body are in the frame when you’re recording. For this, you can use the Align and Grid tools. If the Prompt requires you to be out of frame, then it’s another thing. Go for it! 

Check Your Camera

This sounds obvious, but it’s a mistake any of us can make. Remember to check which camera, the front or the back, is on. Having a random blank frame in your video is one embarrassing scenario we’re sure you’d want to avoid. 

Match the Video with the Prompt.

Here’s a quick Prompt for you – Tell us what your favorite song is! Chances are, you uttered the name of your beloved song, or you started singing it. That’s what we want in the Prompt video! 

Sing your hearts out and make sure there’s no background noise interfering with your melodies! 

Add Music and Sound Effects.

While you’re recording your video, you can add any music track or sound effect from our extensive library. So if your Prompt calls for a romantic tune, go on and dedicate a song to your Srivalli! If your Prompt needs you to be goofy, you can add sound effects to get your audience chuckling! 

Don’t Forget to Respond!

Do you like someone else’s video or want to share your opposing thoughts about it? The Respond option is an open field for you! You can tap on the video you want to respond to and select the ‘Tap to Respond’ option at the bottom. This gives you an opportunity to start exciting conversations with the creators in the community.

These are some of the ways you can get creative with Prompts. 

That’s Not All, There’s More

Prompts are more than just making videos on a topic. They allow you to do multiple things. You can edit, upgrade and share your video to take it to the next level! Here’s how! 

PiP – Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-Picture helps you add an image to your video, so it’s visible over the video. If you want to use a photo as a reference while talking about something, just use the PiP feature! It can be a great help when the Prompt asks for a reference image. You could also use it to show your photos, flaunting your fit! 

Green Screen

Green Screen is like a blank slate. You can add any background to your videos with the Green Screen. Go to Paris and meet your love or wander the busy streets of New York. And you could even add an image that you would like to talk about. 

The screen’s green, but you can turn it to any scene! 


Yup! You read it right! Like many of our creators, you can create your own series in which you respond to different Prompts in every episode. You can create episodes and share your views about several things in one place! There are endless ways to use Prompts; you just have to get started! 

Now that you know pretty much all there’s to know about Prompts, you can go ahead and create your own short video series by using them. You can Respond to creators, rant about stuff, and do so much more! Try them out now! And do let us know which Prompt you liked most in the comment section below! 

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