Rajkummar Rao has a message for you!

Rajkummar Rao

Roohi movie is the talk of the town with the amazing ongoing #PanghatSong taking over Rizzle. Not long ago, the one and only Jahnvi Kapoor called out to all the Rizzlers to make videos on the Panghat song and to share with friends. Guess who’s next? The extremely talented Rajkummar Rao himself is encouraging Rizzlers to make videos on songs from his film Roohi using Rizzle’s top-notch features like PiP, Greenscreen, and many more!

Now, this is fantastic for two reasons: For a phenomenal artist to ask creators to make videos about his film is insanely great. Secondly, all the brand new songs are copyright issue-safe, all thanks to Rizzle’s partnership with Sony Music Entertainment. So, grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and start making videos on Rizzle now. Dance, lip-sync, sing, do a skit, role play, talk about the song, the sky’s the limit! So go all the way with ‘Panghat’ and other amazing songs from Roohi.

You have a chance to have your video feature on Rizzle’s and Sony Music’s social media platforms! So come celebrate Roohi on Rizzle with Rajkumar Rao and Jahnvi Kapoor!

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