Rizzle Dekho Part XIII: Dramedy Edition

Rizzle series: Dramedy edition

Let’s all admit it. We’ve been working more than usual during this pandemic even with convenient work-from-home options. It’s tedious continuously working and toiling away. Just when you thought you’d have lots of time to catch up on your favorite shows and entertaining content, work won’t allow it. Well, Rizzle has a solution to your problem. If you want to take a short break from work every once in a while and watch some entertaining content, head on the app and binge on vertical short series! You can finish an entire season in one under 15 mins!

Here are some fun dramedies to make your day a bit more happening than usual:


How annoying of a person can you live with! What is your tolerance policy when it comes to a silly roommate? Well, Shekhar has a rotten end of a deal with his roommate situation. Living with Rohit seems to be an ordeal as his very existence seems to be exasperating. From lame questions to ridiculously loud phone calls with his girlfriend, Shekhar laments his life with Rohit!

Deewana Writer

An aspiring poet, Vijay Deewana runs into publisher Jayant Bishnoi who has a knack for helping out budding writers. Vijay grabs hold of Bishnoi and tries to impress the publisher with his poetry and skill. Unfortunately for Bishnoi, the impressive session seems to never end and Deewana thwarts all his attempts at escaping from him.


Rahul Mishra is a 27-year-old bachelor who seems to be a nuisance to his mother. She wants him to get married and get out of the house but Rahul has no such plans. She drags him to a marriage bureau where he pays dearly for every ridiculous thing he utters. When the mother comes to know he is in a relationship with Sharmaji’s scandalous daughter, Pooja, she flips. Rahul is forced to atone for all his misdeeds.

Sweet Revenge

A young housewife is tired from all the chores when her doorbell furiously rings early in the morning. The prankster is revealed to be Chiman, the bhangarwala who has come to pick up the junk. The two fight, chase each other, and even bond over compliments for a while, only for Chiman to be kicked out for insulting the husband. A hangry Chiman finally gets his revenge as he sows seeds of suspicion in her mind regarding her husband.

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