Rizzle Dekho Part XII: For Your Post Valentine’s Blues

romantic valentine day rizzle series

With Valentine’s week and all its buzz now over, things seem to be back to normal. We don’t want you to relive all the magic of Valentine’s Day without having to wait an entire year.

Here are some short Rizzle series for your post valentine’s blues.

Sales Guy Meet HR Girl

Sparks fly between Karan, an overachieving salesman, and Akriti when they first connect over LinkedIn. Yes, you read that right! Karan initially reaches out to Akriti when he’s jobhunting, but the two closer during their interview/ date and decide to go out!
Rating: 3.5/5


Unlike what you’d see in real life, this series is a parody of two political leaders falling for each other. Pappu Sen visits Tusli at her home to pay his respects but the two eventually bond over their jibes and sarcastic digs at each other’s parties, families and end up falling for each other.
Rating: 4/5

Long Distance 😭

Annu and Arjun have gone weary of not being able to meet each other and go on physical dates ever since the pandemic hit. This series follows their story as they grapple through the pains of surviving in a long-distance relationship. From falling asleep as the other chatters away on the phone to sending treats to each other to e-meeting each other’s parents to even an online proposal, this couple gives you relationship goals!
Rating: 3/5

Love Aaj Kal

Very unlike its movie namesake, this series is all about a young and naive villager coming to Delhi and falling for a girl there. He meets a “love-guru” who offers a chance to help him get the girl. After several makeovers and attempts, he fails miserably and ends up completely losing the girl’s interest. A hilarious twist awaits you at the end, so make sure you watch right until the end!
Rating: 4/5

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