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Into the world of Rizzle’s Rimix

Rizzle is always coming up with exciting and avant-garde features, making it the best platform for short vertical videos. Collabs, PiP, and Green Screen are some of the top-notch features that our creators are using to churn out great content. But there is one new feature that is making every creator’s head turn for every short video content creators and it is the rimix feature. It is easy to use and the results are marvelous. If you are wondering how to make these rimix videos, you can read this blog and it will show you a step-by-step tutorial.

Rizzle’s collaboration with Sony Music has opened the door for a multitude of opportunities and Rizzlers are taking advantage of this by creating amazing content using free licensed music. You can make rimix videos using any song but these are some of the most popular songs used for a collab for Rizzle. Check out can the videos by clicking on the link.

“Kar Gayi Chull” is one of the most famous rimix songs on Rizzle and Rizzlers are busting amazing moves and lip sync on this song.

  • “Genda Phool” is probably one of the most addictive songs by hitmaker Badshah. This song will make even a non-dancer move their shoulders to its beat.
  • “DJ Waley Babu” another sick beat by the famous Badshah has everyone grooving to its rhythm. The amazing transitions remixed with this beat have resulted in some binge-worthy videos.
  • “Raat Ka Nasha”, the steamy hit song has brought out the actors in Rizzlers. As a very popular choice for rimix videos, this track has produced great videos!

We hope watching the videos has motivated you to check out the Rimix feature on Rizzle.

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