Rizzle Roundup 2021

Rizzle Roundup: 2021

It’s safe to say that this year has been nothing short of a fever dream. Apart from it being borderline dystopian, let’s not disregard the positive highlights of the year. In 2021, scientists revealed that cheese isn’t bad for you. If that’s not enough, Twitter even banned Donald Trump. In fact, even the Oscars saw their most diverse year to date. Now that this year has come to an end, it’s only right to do a roundup of Rizzle’s highlights of 2021.

Rizzle Roundup:2021

This year at Rizzle has seen tremendous growth and opportunities for everyone. The goal was to create a platform for and by the creators. A collaborative and supportive environment coupled with the constant innovation of creation experiences really brought it home for Rizzle. The various feature launches and differentiated tech tied it all together.

Rizzle has provided a platform for creators to truly express themselves without the spoonful of negativity that follows them on most media. For that reason, the no-comment policy was introduced to eliminate the unnecessary negative comments and contribute to a more inclusive environment. The video responses give way to appreciating talent and spreading positivity among the app’s users. 

This year saw Rizzlers dance, sing, and create experiences. So kudos to everyone that hopped on the Rizzle bandwagon and really honed their skills. So, let’s round up some of the highlights of 2021 and give a shoutout to what made Rizzle a platform for everyone this year.

Trending hashtags of 2021

This year, people participated in the wildest and most innovative trends on the internet. Although social distancing kept us apart from each other physically, the power of social media apps such as YouTube, Rizzle, and Instagram really brought the world closer during these challenging times. 

Do you remember the video of medical students from Kerala dancing to Rasputin or how the internet raced to replicate the squid game honeycomb cookie? A million trends quickly caused a stir in the realm of social media. Everyone came up with variations to the original trend, while some simply replicated them. Even the phrase “Pawri ho rahi hai” quickly became a cult favorite. For those of you who might be living under a rock, this phrase rose to popularity after a five-second video of Pakistani influencer Dananeer Mobeen gained extreme popularity and triggered a meme-fest. The trend only grew after musician Yashraj Mukhate, who went viral last year for ‘Rasode Main Kon Tha remix,’ created a mashup of her video. 

The list is endless, but the point here is that creating and viewing such trends became an activity that truly brought the world closer together. These trends emerged from different nooks of the world and spread like wildfire for the rest of the world to indulge in through the power of social media.

Now that you have taken a trip down memory lane with some of these trends, let us highlight a few on Rizzle that truly made this year a trendy one. 


Crazy Kalakar really brought the collective madness of everyone working from home onto your screens. This hashtag called for creators to showcase their unique talent from the comfort of their homes. This trend saw creators using common household objects as a Dj booth and come up with the wackiest ideas. 


According to the urban dictionary, ‘flex’ means showing off your valuables in a non-humble way. Although the definition sounds slightly negative, everyone loves flexing a little, and it’s definitely healthy in moderation. #FallToFlex calls for creators to flex their prized possessions, be it their outfits, jewelry, or even makeup. The sky is the limit!


There is a rich history behind the festival of Dandiya. ‘Dandiya’ or ‘Dandiya Raas’ is a dance form performed during the time of Navratri, with its origins in Gujarat. The dance attire comprises bamboo sticks painted in bright colors, women dressed in three-piece attires called chaniya choli while men wear sherwani or kurta pyjama. At Rizzle, celebrating festivals and dance is woven into the culture. With that, Disco Dandiya featured videos of creators flaunting their Dandiya outfits, with some even busting out a dance move or two.


This trend centers around creators using the Bollywood-like dazzling Filmi effects coupled with their own creativity and dance moves. 


Have you ever been in a situation where you found your glasses over your head after traveling to the moon and back to look for them? DhundhteRehJaoge translates to ‘you will keep looking’. So, as the name suggests, this trend called for users to work with the original audio and showcase the obvious place they tend to find their lost belongings.  

Trending contests of 2021

From the ancient Greek Olympic Games through modern football, individuals seem to have liked organizing competitions in some form or another. For instance, look at how a cricket match brings the country closer like never before. In fact, if you look close enough, you’ll notice that competition is present in almost every aspect of modern society. According to economists, competition is necessary for keeping markets productive and efficient. Domestic politics, foreign relations, most sports, and even the human yearning for love are competitive endeavors. 

Okay, enough about competitions. Let’s dive into Rizzle’s competitive streak.


In the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” The RseriesMarathon contest aimed to spur the creativity of film-making enthusiasts. This contest called for creators to script, film, and upload 10 original mini-series of 3 minutes each onto the app. The contest encouraged original thought and creativity through short, bite-sized content. Check out this blog to understand the scope of Rizzle series for digital storytelling and creating your own narratives. 


Rimix was a game-changing feature that was introduced in 2021 by Rizzle. Creation experiences are center stage at Rizzle, and Rimix was another reason why the app is a creator’s paradise. This feature allows users to make video mashups using 2 to 5 videos within a few seconds. Creators can opt to choose existing videos from the Rizzle app or record their own new videos, add a soundtrack of their choice and share their masterpiece with the world. To know more about this feature, you can check out this blog and understand how Rimix works. 

RimixMarathon was one such contest that urges creators to utilize the revolutionary Rimix feature and see the transformation their videos go through. 


DilseDiwali encouraged users to make videos using Rizzle features (Filmi, Remix, Titan & Templates) and tracks. Celebrating the true festive spirit and colors of Diwali with Rizzle’s creator tools. 

Supporting video – https://rizzle.tv/post/6183b74ca964b11705825fd8


Creators were to make videos under all 6 categories given. The categories included:

Cooking- #cookingspecia

Dance- #dancedhamaka

Acting- #actingspecial

Singing- #singingstars

Templates- #templatestars

Transition- #transitiontadka

Such contests help creators that are participating in learning from one another and opening up the endless possibilities of content creation. 

This roundup wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to some of the blogs written in 2021. These blogs covered Rizzle trends, thumbnails, clickbait, ASMR, Rizzle features, digital storytelling, photography, music, and much more. When time permits, do give them a read and leave your comments down below. Let us know what you’d like to read about this year!

2021 has been a pretty monumental year for Rizzle and its creators. Rizzle’s innovative and exclusive features Rimix, Filmi, and Titan provided unique opportunities for its creators. With a creator-centric approach and a sharp focus on building worlds-first camera experiences, Rizzle reached a new pinnacle in the short video space. They came up with original concepts that excited creators to go for the stars. 

Anyways, by the time you read this, you’ll be in 2022, the year of the two’s. Remember the saying, better late than never? Well, why not go and download the Rizzle app and not miss out on what the new year has in store for you here at Rizzle! Film that podcast or that makeup look you’ve been wanting to share with the world. Be the main character of your own life and own this year.

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