Series to Watch for the Summer

Short and biteable mini-series to binge watch.

Welcome summer with Rizzle. You stay home, we’ve got your entertainment requirements covered with these Rizzle series for the summer.

Summer is here! And what better way to welcome it than with our amazing Rizzle series that bring to life incredible stories and concepts across genres. Summertime is the perfect time to let loose after a few intense months of hard work and effort. Whether it is the student relaxing from the grilling session of school hours or office workers taking time off from their demanding schedule to relax. Rizzle provides the perfect platform to help you relax with our amazing catalog of summer series. Investing in a series that has 1-hour episodes can be taxing. That is because binge-watching such a series tests our patience and most importantly, our eyesight!

Rizzle, therefore, aims to reduce this stress by taking the concept of miniseries and making them indeed “mini.” This is done by creating a series with each episode having a duration of less than a minute. This is a real test of any artist as they have to think and get their ideas across in a minute. Whether it is a romcom, a murder mystery, a documentary, or any other genre you can think of, Rizzle aims to make the summer fun with its vast collection of series.

So it’s time to welcome the summer by lazing around at home, watching these amazing Rizzle series.

1. Inner dating thoughts

Wanna know how a message from you led to your date thinking that you are still in love with your ex. Or you using the bathroom on the third date led her to the conclusion that you are in love. Well if you think like that, then so does Tori Piskin, which she wonderfully portrays in her series, Inner Dating Thoughts. This show is an amalgamation of comedy and real-life and it aims to bring out the innermost thoughts a girl has when she starts dating someone new. So while you sit around at home thinking about asking out your crush, this series is going to prepare you for what and how the mind works in case the impossible happens and she says yes! Consider this series as a tutorial on how women’s minds work when it comes to dating. So do not be surprised if a simple good morning text leads her to the conclusion that you do not make plans to meet her and when you do, there will be nothing to talk about as you guys will be out of topic. Figure the connection out, Sherlock!

2. 100 years of Marijuana

Imagine being so cool that people call you by the name “Marijuana.” But no that’s not the case. This is a real story about a marijuana dealer from a hundred years ago. 100 years of Marijuana is a ‘documentary’ that talks about a few crime-related stories regarding marijuana. The docuseries also talks about the concept of racism surrounding marijuana. So what better way to spend your summer than to learn about how marijuana-related crimes were reported 100 years back in this crime docuseries by Mike.

3. Unholy CSI

This is going to make all you murder mystery fans drool. There’s a corpse. There’s the element of the supernatural. And there’s a young investigator who is out to prove he is the best by solving it with the help of his mentor. Also, spoiler alert! The clues are going to lead to an impossible answer. I was right, wasn’t I? All you murder fans are rightfully drooling over the supernatural crime drama, Unholy CSI brought to you by Charles Gray. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready as the master and his apprentice set out to find the answer as to who or what was behind this corpse.

4. Between Jobs

Still on the lookout for the next paying summer gig that will help you pay your rent, and make you avoid the frequent visits from your landlord? Or feeling like a complete unemployed loser? There’s no reason to worry. The duo of Alex and Miles are here to comfort you because they themselves are “real unemployed losers” in this hilarious series. Between jobs, Alex and Miles hilariously debate over the jobs available that also keep them financially safe during covid, which range from a dog handler, which they classify as an emotional support job for them, to testing condoms (this job provides them with amazing health benefits). So get on this roller coaster of a series where the pros and cons of each job are debated by Alex and Miles.

5. Debunked

This is IT! This is the series. Because this series covers one of my favorite topics of all, conspiracy theories. There is just something about conspiracy theories that gives me goosebumps. I mean there is always a part inside you that wishes that one of these conspiracy theories turn out to be true. Debunked, as the name suggests, is a series that aims to debunk all the famous and popular theories that have been around and have created their legendary status in the world of conspiracy theories. Whether it’s the conspiracy theories that almost all the people associated with the Clintons have been killed over the years, to the Pizzagate conspiracy that accused Obama of being the leader of a human trafficking and child sex ring, they’re all debunked here. But the most important of all, The COVID vaccine does not alter your genes. Vaccines can not do that. So please get your shot at the earliest this summer and then get debunking.

6. Behind the Trends

I do not understand fashion. All I personally require is a fitting T-shirt and a pair of track pants and I am set for life. But now when this series showed me Anne Hathway’s “iconic” pairing of a skirt and jeans, all I could think about was being a fashion designer must be pretty easy. You can convert anything into fashion and people will wear it no questions asked. Behind the Trends explore the various fashion trends over the years and explores what led to their downfall by relating it to a celebrity being duped by their fashion designer. Luckily for you, it’s summer so all you need is a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and I am sure your fashion won’t fail you here. Cool, now give me the money for being your fashion designer. G-Pay accepted.

7. B/S History

The Big Apple, New York City is one of THE places that people want to visit at least once in their lifetime. But then everyone can’t visit this city for a myriad of reasons. Don’t worry, B/S History has got you covered. Or to be more precise, Superman Applebees and Buck Abernathy have got you covered. Join them as they give you a very different yet memorable experience and tour of this great city. They are also sponsored by a host of enterprises for each of their episodes. So join them in this interesting tour that will give you some intricate insights into the city.

These are a few series we recommend you for this summer from Rizzle. But don’t limit yourself to just them. Rizzle offers an amazing buffet of options and you should sample every one of them. I mean these seven series would have taken you less time to finish than I took to write 500 words. So start watching and make your summer even more fun.

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