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Can you feel the love on Rizzle…

It has never been easier to stream great romantic series! Rizzle presents the most entertaining romantic series to binge-watch. There is free and absolute entertainment for everyone on Rizzle! Here are a few top picks from our very short and entertaining series that are a must-watch for all romance lovers.

Road To Her Heart


Road to her heart by Creator 21 is a highly rated series by Rizzle with the highest number of views. This is a story about a boy named Luv and his obsession with friendship, cricket, food, and eventually Vaidehi. Luv starts falling for Vaidehi from the moment he sees her. The story revolves around Luv pushing his limits for Vaidehi’s love. This makes it relatable as many of us have pushed our limits when it came to love.

Cast and Characters:

  1. Naveen Sharma as Luv
  2. Anam Darbar as Vaidehi
  3. MD Ali as Krish



Destiny by Picture Dekho Productions is another binge-worthy series on Rizzle. Priyana, a smart, weird, and charming girl, has always had bad luck with love, and it hasn’t bothered her as much as others might have thought. So, when she comes across Rehaan in a general store, sparks fly and both of them get drawn to each other. As time flies, their love progresses in the general store, from being strangers to friends, to a couple and to enemies and back to lovers! It’s a rollercoaster ride!

Cast and Characters:

  1. Jasleen Sachdeva as Priyana
  2. Neet Kapoor as Rehaan
  3. As friend on phone Sara

Online Dating


Follow the inception of the long-distance quarantine love story of Bhavesh and Payal. They find each other on an online dating app and click instantly. Their love makes them see the world through rose-tinted glasses, and their happiness becomes very apparent to the people around them. Their playful, and constructive relationship story is a must-watch!


  1. Bhavesh Manglanii
  2. Paayal Jain
  3. Tena Jain (sister)
  4. Umma Jain (mother)

College Wala Pyaar


Unrequited love is possibly the most painful. However, College Wala Pyaar by Alright media shows this concept in a new light. The plot follows Raghav and Akansha, played by Kapoor Gaurav and Alisha Chopra. What starts with an awkward, and a rather embarrassing first encounter soon blossoms into love for Raghav. But the fact that Akansha is his senior, and is in a committed relationship makes things complicated. With a college backdrop, a classic junior-falls-for-a-senior plotline, laced with beautiful poetry, and a warm background score, this series will leave you wishing you were in the first stages of falling in love.

Cast and Characters:

  1. Kapoor Gaurav as Raghav
  2. Alisha Chopra as Akansha

Wo Bhi Kya Din Thy


Set in the golden days of love where there were no phones, Who Bhi Kya Din Thy transports you to the 90s! These were times when it took real effort to win over the person you were in love with, way more than shooting a text or sliding into their DMs. Watch the protagonist jump through several hoops to get the girl he wants. With a wonderful background score, appropriate wardrobe, and well-delivered dialogues, this series gives you major nostalgic feels.


  1. Sumesh
  2. Poonam Raheja
  3. Dara Singh

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