5 scary foods you don’t even want to think about trying

scary foods you don't even want to think about trying

How far can you go for the love of food?

Some people can’t eat seafood, some can’t stand cheese, not because of lactose intolerance but just its texture, some can’t eat sweet others can’t eat spicy foods. Some people, on the other hand, eat everything and loves every food. But no matter how big of a foodie a person is there is still some food that they just can’t eat. Maybe a foodie might be able to eat everything from their region but when looked from the world perspective some food sounds more horrifying than tasty.

There are so many exotic foods around the world limited to a particular region, here are five of such foods around the world.

Fugu or pufferfish dish

Known as the world’s deadliest dinner, fugu is a Japanese exotic pufferfish or blowfish dish which is a combination of both a delicacy and a fatal dish. Fugu is one of the rare dishes that need a licensed chef just to prepare in a restaurant because it is literally a matter of life and death. No wonder fugu is very expensive as it is extremely difficult to prepare safely because their internal organs contain a toxin that is more poisonous than cyanide. With all the dangers surrounding this dish people still love to eat this exotic food. It is said to be very tasty and can be prepared in several ways and once you taste fugu you are most likely to get hooked on the dish. Another reason why this dish is very famous is because of the thrill and adrenaline rush knowing that after eating the fugu dish you might or might not die. Surely, not a dish for the faint heart.

Sannakji or live octopus dish

A highly popular dish in Seoul, Korea Sannakji, or “wriggling octopus,” is a very controversial dish due to the way it is eaten. The dish is served by chopping a baby octopus that is still moving or by wrapping the entire live octopus in the chopstick. The octopus species used for this dish is very small compared to the giant octopus thus the name baby octopus. Many people consider this dish as one of the cruelest dishes ever created. This dish is cruel not only to the octopus but sometimes fatal to humans. As many as 6 people die every year after eating this dish and this is due to the choking hazards connected with this dish. The nerves in the octopus tentacles are still active when swallowed and their suction cups could attach to the throat while swallowing resulting in choking, sometimes death. It takes a true culinary daredevil to eat this dish.

1,000-year-old eggs or century egg

If you are a fan of James Corden’s The Late Late Show, you have probably heard about this dish before even though it is very exotic and rare. This dish has been eaten in China for at least 6 centuries and it has quite an interesting history of how it all started. A man found a pile of duck eggs buried under slaked lime in his yard, he tasted them and loved the taste so much he started to make his own by adding salt and tea for flavor. 1000-year-old eggs are not actually 1000 years old, they usually take about 4-5 weeks. 1000-year-old eggs are considered as a revolting food due to their odor, it is preserved egg after all. The taste has a slight difference depending on the clay and tea they used to preserve but it is still a wildly popular dish in China and an exotic dish around the world.

Casu marzu or maggot cheese

If you have a weak stomach this cheese is definitely not for you. It is a traditional Sardinian cheese and is known as the world’s grossest and most dangerous cheese. Even a cheese lover might back off from this cheese because the maggots have to be alive for this cheese to be safe for eating and other than the maggots the smell is said to be quite revolting. Maggot cheese is illegal as the entire process of preparing this cheese violates all modern food health hygiene norms. Although they are still available in black markets like all illegal products maggot cheese is very expensive. One interesting fact about maggot cheese is that it is believed to be an aphrodisiac, which means it increases sexual desires.


Balut is a popular Philippines delicacy prepared from incubated duck egg left alone to develop for two to three weeks. Balut is eaten after boiling the fertilized embryo duck and eating it with salt, chili, and vinegar. The broth surrounding the embryo is sipped by cracking the top of the egg and the rest is of what is inside depending on the duration of the embryo is crunch down because an egg isn’t a balut unless they have developed some parts, ugh! But regardless of how it sounds Balut is a widely consumed street food and there are Balut eating competitions too where contestants eat as many as 40 Balut in 5 minutes.

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