Rizzle Dekho Part XIV: Series That’ll Make You Go “Oh Dang!”

Short series that will make you go "Oh Dang"

We all have those moments where we can only shake our heads and exclaim “That’s it! That’s so on point!”

Here are some Rizzle series that hit the spot with their relatability and humor.

Nana Ka Interview

If you are familiar with Bollywood actor, Nana Patekar, this series is for you. The actor has a few quirks that fans can instantly relate to him. This series by RVCJ will take you through a relatable ride that’ll leave you laughing out loud. Watch this short series on Rizzle where a journalist interviews Nana Patekar played by Zuber Shaikh.

MAA-BETI ki Nok-Jhok

Moms share a very unique relationship with their daughters. Filled with annoying moments and getting on each others’ nerves, but at the end of the day, it’s a relationship bound with love. Watch this short series on Rizzle where a mother nitpicks her lazy daughter. From not waking up early to skipping classes for parties to complaining about home-cooked meals to bad grades, the mom’s ranting seems to never end. Neither does the daughter’s careless actions stop. It’s a vicious never-ending circle of bickering.


We all have that badass friend who’s always on the lookout for us. This series by RVCJ features popular Rizzler, Khyaati Sharma aka pyaarinaari who plays the role of the badass roommate. Khyaati’s character acts tough on the outside, especially to her roommate and boyfriend. But when no one’s there, she is a big softie.

Sarcastic Mom

Moms are queens. They are full of love, beauty, and also savageness. This is another series that shows the tumultuous relationship between a mother and her daughter. The two never cease to stop bickering over the smallest things. As you’d expect, the mom always has the last say. And the most epic lines!

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