Four Series That Will Satisfy Your Quest For Drama

Rizzle series Four Series that will satisfy your quest for drama

It’s no fun for series fanatics to watch a show with a common plot along with all that extra commercial drama that’s uncalled for. We know that content consumption is a tricky space when many production houses are making series only for the namesake ignoring quality. With the shift in the trend of binge-watching, it’s no doubt that content available on vertical platforms is gaining momentum with time. Following this trend, we at Rizzle want to serve you the series that you are looking for. These are some of the drama series from our catalog that will keep you excited and wanting more.

# Bhai Behen Aur Ludo

It’s a family drama show, one to watch from the many shows made by Shrey Jain. This series is set in the current times but there are many instances to which the 90’s kids’ will relate. Now, everyone owns a smartphone, it’s so accessible. But a few years ago, it was an impossible dream for teenagers. It was daunting to ask parents for a smartphone. And the few who were successful had to work with Nokia 1800 or so. Through this series, you will be able to relate to a time when siblings used to fight for mom’s phone. Add all of this to the year 2021, and the family drama is more fun and chaotic.
Rating: 4/5

# Car me Charcha

There is no set rule that you would need the right place to talk about a serious topic. Car me Charcha, a mini-series created by Sumesh, a popular YouTube creator, is a serious drama series revolving around an important discussion that is difficult for many to talk about. The story’s main focus is on the married couple, Sumesh and Poonam, who have been together for two years. Poonam is a little hesitant at first but she musters her courage to ask a question to Sumesh. In the entire series, you will see them having a serious discussion that seems absurd at first, but at the end, the audience gets to see the truth hidden behind it.
Rating: 3.9/5

# Nashebaaz

Nashebaaz is a very light Hindi comedy series created by Ajay Kasana, who has created many more kinds of series on Rizzle. It’s common knowledge to all that alcohol consumption is harmful to health and more so for the people who do not control their consumption levels. This series shows how people lose themselves to alcohol with a light dramatic touch instead of a serious one. This shows leaves you to wonder about many questions on alcoholism and why it’s addictive.
Rating: 3.5/5

# Girls Thought During Date

This is a very sweet series about a girl’s train of thoughts going on during a date, starring Harshita Bajaj, a video creator. What if, your mom called you while you were chilling with your friends, and told you that she has set up a date for you. How you react to that information, completely changes your mood. In this series, Suhani, who isn’t in the mind frame of marrying someone gets annoyed at the news of the date and agrees to go for it so that she can reject it at the end. During the date, she is always looking for reasons to reject the guy. This show is filled with funny scenarios and thoughts that Suhani has during the date.
Rating: 3.9/5

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