Series to Watch When Your Netflix Subscription Ends!

Series to watch when your netflix subscription ends

There are so many Tv shows and movies on the different streaming websites but they all work on a subscription system if you don’t pay, you don’t watch. It is the end of the month and if your subscription has ended and you are waiting for your salary to recharge them, we have good news for you. Rizzle has some of the best and freshest miniseries in the short series market and most of them are exclusive on Rizzle.

So get on Rizzle and start watching them.

Hawabazi Gone Wrong

We have seen so many series where people tell lies to mislead someone into believing how great they are. If you are tired of all the series that deal with this kind of genre then you’re in for a treat with this one. It is time people expose this “Hawabazi” way of getting a girl to like you, I mean even Bollywood stopped doing that. Instead, if a person is genuinely interested in someone they should be themself and approach the person that they like honestly. Period.

Desi Mom

If you’re a bachelor living away from your parents and your biggest fear is your parents giving you a surprise visit, we hear you. If you’re a bachelor living alone and you live without that fear then you should be on the fear factor. The girl in this series gets the biggest surprise when her mom visits her from the village, their stay together starts with a lot of complaints from not keeping the house clean to not eating healthy but after all no matter how old or mature we get, we still need our mom and this series is a reminder of that.

Delivery Girl

Deciding between choosing a work that gives you stability and passion can be a difficult task. The couple in this series “Delivery Girl” is having a major fight when the husband leaves his job for his passion without talking with his wife first. When things go wrong in life, looking at the situation from an outsider’s perspective can be the answer that’s when the delivery enters and puts perspective to everything. This series is suggested to all the people working 9 to 5 jobs and hoping for change.

Dating A Late Night Owl

There are two types of people in the world, the early birds and the night owl and the irony is that they always end up together. Every couple wants to do “couple things” together like breakfast dates, lunch dates, or late-night movie dates but it is difficult to make those happen with different timings. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, single, or in a relationship, it is difficult to change that timeline for anyone. So, watch this super cute series called “Dating A Late Night Owl” on Rizzle now!

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