Short Series On Rizzle That Would Make It To The Emmys

Short Series On Rizzle That Would Make It To The Emmys

Incredible stories and concepts brought to life in minutes!

Gone are the days when one would wait for special weekends for new movie releases. There’s an abundance of content ready for viewers to watch and enjoy- from blockbuster movies to TV series, all just a few taps away. In recent times, miniseries and short series have become quite popular, owing to their gripping storylines and their time-saving characteristic. HBO miniseries like Big Little Lies, The Undoing, The Outsider, Mrs. Fletcher, and BBC miniseries like Good Omens, Roadkill, Queers, and The Family Man are lauded as some of the best shows ever made. However, not all of them make it to the Emmys! And even few are remembered for time immemorial- like Taken, Chernobyl, and The War are imprinted on our minds. While the big production houses continue to churn out amazing shows, Rizzle’s humble effort at taking the concept of “miniseries” up a notch and cutting each episode’s duration to one minute or less has worked wonders so far! Rizzle short series tell compelling stories in all genres (some even interactive), host the most amusing game shows, and most importantly, they keep you entertained throughout. If Rizzle series could get nominated, the following shows would definitely win Emmy awards!

Hugh Dunnit?

Thriller miniseries are unreal to watch- they’re fast-paced, with loads of information in one episode, and you don’t have to wait for hours to find out who did it! High Dunnit is very similar, but with a twist! You are the lead investigator on this case. Hugh is wealthy, sophisticated, an art connoisseur, and oh he’s dead! Somebody murdered him in a brutal manner, and it’s your job to figure out who. Listen carefully to witness accounts, but don’t believe everything you hear. Refrain from cliches like “the butler did it” and trust no one. Everyone’s a suspect. Connect the dots, and figure out who dunnit!

The Hope & The Hopeless

The Hollywood dream is a big one, some might even say it’s an impossible one. And they’re not completely wrong. However, each year, bravehearts like the ones you will watch in The Hope & The Hopeless set off to achieve this dream and face the intimidating casting auditions. This show has one such casting call as the premise, and you get to meet legendary characters as each aspiring actor walks into the room! The matter-of-fact but fun manner in which this show depicts the small part of work involved in scoring a role in a movie, TV series, or even a miniseries is a delight to watch!

Nick Callas Characters

Meet Nick Callas and his plethora of eccentric characters- each so carefully built, so nuanced that you’ll feel like you know someone exactly like that in real life! This is a one-man show, with so much diversity in characterization that you’d think you’re meeting someone new in every episode. And every minute of this show is guaranteed to make you laugh. ‘Nick Callas Characters’ is the kind of show you will find yourself going back to lighten your mood, and have a good time watching. This show wouldn’t just be a part of Emmy nominations, it would win!

The Janice Amari Show

You know those characters that are so annoying that you can’t stand them but you can’t stop watching them either (like Janice from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S- the best series of all time)? Well, meet another such character, also called Janice, whose life is an absolute train wreck! But the best part is, she absolutely owns it! You’re guaranteed to have a love-hate relationship with Janice Amari. She’s recently divorced, something to do with a “gold digger situation”. To be fair, she does explain that she “doesn’t even like gold, (she) likes diamonds”. In order to support herself post-divorce, she’s on a quest to choose a career path and tries out a variety of professions. The Janice Amari show is a laugh riot that you simply must not miss!

60 Second Scary Stories

As a group of friends sits around a campfire to tell scary stories, hilarity ensues for the viewer! It’s fascinating to watch each story brought to life on the screen- from Dripping Sally in the mirror to the man who watches you sleep. While these stories could be super creepy, that potential is eradicated on purpose, this adding an element of comedy to it. 60 Second Scary Stories is a great horror- comedy that keeps you on your toes for the surprise element that each episode brings in a matter of just a few seconds. The camera work does a fantastic job of setting up the tone for each scene. This show is a must-watch if you’re looking to have a good laugh.

Challenge Accepted

If any of your shower thoughts begin with “I bet I could”, you’re going to love this short series! All the impossible, adventurous challenges you can think of have already been executed and achieved on Challenge Accepted! From finding the coolest way to pour water to building a house of cards without any cards, from using literally anything to make a whale to sitting on every chair-like surface in the house the fastest, and even making an entire soap opera scene- it’s all here in this amazing short series! Each episode tackles a new challenge, so there’s zero room for boredom! Wondering how these crazy challenges can be achieved? Watch and find out!

The Prize

Much like the Netflix series Black Mirror, The Prize deals with an alternate reality of technology so advanced that it could potentially physically harm the user. This show is an amalgamation of sci-fi and horror, the two most edge-of-the-seat genres of all time. Pop-up ads are an integral but completely useless part of the whole internet experience. Years into advancement, we still can’t seem to fully erase their existence. Maybe we can just hold them off for a bit, but they’re never fully gone. What would you do if one peculiar pop-up ad was so persistent that it practically drove you insane? That is precisely what Matt is going through in this thrilling short series. An ad that won’t go away, with a woman in it that won’t shut up! This is a chilling tale of the complicated relationship between man and technology.

Binge: Apocalypse Diet

Angela is stuck in the longest date of all time as the lockdown hits. What was supposed to be a simple one-night stand turns into a live-in situation aka their nightmare. With this extraordinary situation within an extraordinary pandemic as its backdrop, the series highlights the juxtaposition of how these two people deal with it in different but similar ways. While tackling a global catastrophe, they must also earn to live in harmony with each other. Angela spends most of her time sleeping in and binge eating, while her current roommate just wants to try and help the world by talking about things that he thinks will soothe his audience while coming to terms with this change.

The list would keep going on, but we leave you with these choice few series for now. Download Rizzle to discover a mountain of short series to watch and enjoy, available in several languages and genres. What’s more? You can even make your own show with the help of a user-friendly in-built editing tool kit in the app! On Rizzle, the possibilities are endless.

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