Short Series With Captivating Characters

Short series with captivating characters.

Captivating characters played by people like you and me.

Ever wondered what is so special about the movies and series we watch? Well, the story is the first thing of course. But apart from that what stays with us are the captivating characters from the movies. You see, as the story progresses, we often see there is a certain vibe to a character. The kind of personality they carry and the way they convey their various emotions are all so different from others. Talking about the short series on Rizzle, the beauty lies in the characters that are represented there. These short series have the desire to create a larger impact in a limited time. So, the deep-rooted characters represented here come in handy. And these characters deliver the essence of the short series in a simple yet meaningful way.

Rizzle has some of the most amazing short series. You can find them on the app and watch them. The time duration is less as compared to any other web series and hence, it has the potential to create a greater impact on your minds. With the unforgettable characters played by people like you and me, we have some of the best performances by them. Now the world of entertainment has been boosted to a simpler and more impactful level so that we can move ahead and enjoy storytelling not only by watching but also by participating in the same.

Here are some of the most amazing sets of short series that have captivating characters. These stories being short give you a great experience in terms of entertainment.


How can one person play so many characters? Well, this wouldn’t be the only question you’ll have when you watch that series. The one thing that sticks with you is the comic timing and the relativity of the characters to our daily lives. We don’t know who this person is, but we know who he’s trying to act like. And the personality traits are going to stay with you throughout. It is divided into several parts to give you a variety of characters to love!


Well, who doesn’t love Law and Order, the famous American TV Drama? If you are a fan too, here’s a short series that you are going to find relatable. It is full of instances, fan theories, and personality traits depicted by the actors in the show. You never know, you might just find your favorite characters spoof video too. But apart from that, it shows how all of us have a well-to-do understanding of our favorite characters. Give it a watch and you’ll know it!


Are you a movie buff? Well, you might have just bumped into the most amazing short series on movies. So, remember spoof videos are not spoofs but showcase a deep dive into how relatable genres were at a particular period. This short series is all about your guilty pleasure genres. Be it a romantic comedy, thriller, or fantasy, every genre of movie has some common element attached to it that is way funny when done in a short video. You can watch this amazing series to relive those memories of your favorite movies from the ’80s and ’90s with an added element of fun.


Two partners on the lookout for everything bizarre yet entertaining. With their perfect comic timing, we get to witness some of the most hilarious situations they create and get out of that too. And they have their unique way of coming out of that. No, they aren’t detectives or any other fancy superheroes. They are just Ned and Petey who have got their style in everything they do. There is fun, there is action, and a lot of jokes that will crack you up. When we were kids, we often fanboyed/ fangirled on duos who worked hand had fun together in the cartoons and sitcoms. The chemistry they have together leaves a lasting and unforgettable impression in your mind.


CSR calls are always boring until you get on a call with a celebrity. Imagine Gordon Ramsey connecting with Customer Support. What happens is not a mystery but a great interaction full of shouting and clashes that surely make you go rolling on the floor. There isn’t just one but so many famous personalities and our most favourite characters from movies. If they ever get a chance to get a call from customer support, the outcome will be worth giving a watch. So, here’s a short series that shows a quick representation of the most interesting CSR interactions.


What makes a power couple? A sweet gesture, a bunch of roses, or a thousand gifts. Well, this couple will prove them all wrong. Relationships are all about ups and downs and taking authority over any mishap that arises in our daily lives. And this power couple is here to teach you a lot of things that we miss. The little things do matter and if you think you want tips to have a great relationship with your partner you should consider watching this amazing short series. Well, the couple acts it all out but in the most realistic ways. The deep-rooted meaning they add to their activities is worth your precious time.


If you watch American TV shows, you might be aware of this phrase that runs at the beginning of every episode. It marks the onset of a precap that happens to play at the beginning of every episode. And this short series is exactly what you are thinking about. It will give you a quick recap of all your favourite shows but in the funniest ways. By adding several jokes and relatable one-liners this short series will surely entertain you.


MCU Fans Assemble! This short series has the most amazing trivia and facts about your favorite Marvel movies and MCU Superheroes. It might be to cliché but the way the hosts conduct this amazing short series will raise your interest in knowing more about the MCU. They have some fun segments with hilarious jokes as well.

1st Child Problems

The struggles of being a first child are felt by so many of us firstborns. The trials and tribulations and our struggle to fight for our rights. Anyone who says the elder kid is the most respected one is so untrue, and this short series will prove that to you. Watch this amazing short series for some funny and relatable content now!

As you saw how there were so many short series where more than the story it was the characters that dominated the entire series. And the best thing about these is the way every character is represented to grab maximum eyeballs. For most of us, the story plays a key role but in these short stories, the captivating characters become the star of the show and leave an everlasting impact on us.

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