Short Series With Epic Social Messages

Short Series With Epic Social Messages on Rizzle

Modern problems need short series that explains them!

Rizzle houses a variety of short series, in multiple genres- from comedy to romance, from solo acts to group productions, from musical to magical, we have it all. But this week, we have decided to focus on mini-series that have an epic social message. Oftentimes, videos about social messages tend to be very pretentious and predictable, but the series we have picked are nothing like that. While some series directly talk about the social message they’re trying to address, others have the messaging in a subliminal manner. Each show is different from the other, and they’re all going to make you feel many feelings!

We did our best to select the 10 best series with amazing social messages and we hope you enjoy watching them.

Hashtag Cult: Mgtow

If you haven’t heard of the term MGTOW, we’re here to enlighten you even though nothing is enlightening about this cult. MGTOW stands for “Men Going Their Own Way”- an anti-feminist, misogynistic, mostly online community. It is a toxic male separatist movement. In this series, “Hashtag Cult: MGTOW”, the creator Mike Fallek tries to prove that aggressive groups like MGTOW are actually cults. He talks about the nature of how cults are formed and interviews a lot of people, even the ex-member of MGTOW to get an insight about the whole separatist group. It is very informative and terrifyingly amusing to learn that some people actually believe all these ridiculous accusations against the entire female gender.

Between Jobs

Unemployment is a disease that has plagued an entire generation. It is not just the lifestyle change that has driven the switch in career from traditional to more creative ventures. But the good thing is that this generation has turned to humor as a coping mechanism, and it is naturally dark. In ‘Between Jobs!’, comedy duo Alex and Miles try to find their next paying gig and the job description gets weirder by the episode. This series also exposes the carefree lifestyle of today’s generation who, according to stereotypes, can hold a job for the duration of dog years.

Ask Ruth Anything!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of the most significant figures of American. She established a reputation as a champion of gender equality and women’s rights. She was the second woman in history to serve as a justice in the Supreme Court. Our Rizzle creator Sarah Franco gave the best tribute to the legend by creating a series dedicated to her. In the series called, “Ask Ruth Anything!” Ruth Bader Ginsburg is brought back to life to answer questions about herself and the best part about this series is the impeccable costume and the uncanny impression of the real Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Help Them Remember

People say that humanity is dead and maybe it’s true. We live in a scary time, with our world battling a global pandemic but countries seem to have forgotten the severity of the pandemic and they are more interested in external and internal warfare. Humanity is not lost but it is forgotten, and sometimes all it takes to regain that humanity is by looking within ourselves. This series called “Help Them Remember” is a series about rediscovering humanity and it has such a strong message. It propagates the message of global citizenship and humanity as one, undivided by the borders and jurisdiction of one’s state.

Craft it

DIY and 1-minute crafts are always fun to watch and we learn from DIYs that a bottle of glue and some glitters can go a long way in creating something useful. Who knew that glue has so many purposes, right? The best thing about DIY is the reuse factor, everything can be reused and repurposed and there is an end number of benefits to that, both financially and environmentally. In this series, the creator teaches DIY in a minute honoring Rizzle’s one-minute video duration. In just one minute, the creator shows a DIY in a minute from making bedazzled eyelashes to trendy candles.


To live on a farm unperturbed and unbothered from the worries of doing a 9-5 pm job might not be everybody’s dream but the idea sure sounds so good. In a world where everything is available within the reach of a few clicks, living organic comes at a much higher cost. In this series called “Homesteading”, the creator gives a sneak-peak into his farm and his egg harvesting. The entire series is just 4-minute which is a tragedy because we want more of the entire country vibe of this series along with the country accent.

Journey to Hollywood(s)!

Do you think you can survive alone in an unknown forest without any basic needs? While you think, watch this parody about a wannabe Hollywood aspirant Kathy Elbow who decides to drive to Hollywood with the dream of becoming famous. The entire journey is a series of unfortunate events which all started with running out of gas. Everything goes downhill after that. Her poor choices of survival methods along with the comparison of her current situation with her possible acting career make the series funnier. So, watch the series “Journey to Hollywood(s)!” to remind yourself to learn some survival skills.

Life: The Musical

There are so many songs about heartbreak, friendship, death, inspirations, etc. But there are hardly a handful of songs about mundane everyday things like coffee, cats, sneeze, and everyday dilemmas like Should I shower in the morning? And other random song topics. This series called “Life: The Musical” features a lot of groovy musical numbers about everyday normal things and they are super catchy! If you are like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, who sings about literally anything, you’ll find this series super relatable.

America First?

In “America First?”, the creator talks about some major issues that America is facing and how other countries tackled the same situation better than America. One of the topics he talks about is how Japan makes housing more affordable and he explains how America can learn from Japan. He further talks about how France makes childcare more accessible and also about how Germany lowers prescription drug costs and what America can learn from them. So, this series is quite informative, and Americans might be surprised at how accessible and cheaper things are in other countries.

B/S History

This series by far is one of the most hilarious series with a very important lesson, don’t trust everything on the internet. The series is about the creators using their pseudo names Buck Abernathy and Superman Applebees to give absolutely rubbish history about important buildings like the Empire State Buildings and other histories about the United States, thus that title “B/S History.” The way they tell the fake history is so convincing and almost believable even though their claims are crazy, but considering the fact that our media is plagued by fake news, they don’t seem so bad after all.

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