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Once upon a time, it used to be the mighty pen and paper which were the unbeatable heroes of the creator world. People used to do everything on paper, from writing love letters to penning poems, highlighting important points in a book, and passing notes in class. However, with technological evolution over time, most things went digital. Now, love is expressed via Reels, exam preparations are done via videos, humor is sought through standup comedy snippets, debates are guided on news channels, and relaxation is sought via OTT. And while pen and paper are still best friends, this duo isn’t often remembered; for now, it is the era of videos.

Rise of Short Video Content

Videos are now the backbone of every industry, especially during the pandemic. Today, videos are widely used to give product demos, impart education, and even provide medical assistance. Not only this, short video apps like Rizzle have sprung up to meet the increasing demand for video content, providing the creator community a source of livelihood. Also, with everything coming to a standstill due to the pandemic, even Filmfare awardees were seen relying on videos to maintain their digital presence. Thus, videos, especially short-form content, have taken the market by storm. It has also boosted creator competitiveness, pushing them to create better content and notch up their game with each passing day. 

And, for those who want to be a part of this competitive race, here’s an article that will help you unleash the power of your phone and nail the game. This article will help you create amazing videos without any additional apps, thus helping you save phone memory and time.

The rise of photo/video-oriented content has also motivated companies that manufacture smartphones to aggressively upgrade the technology used in the camera. Whether it’s about introducing AI-based color toning or enhancing the zoom, greater video stabilization or auto light adjustment features, 3-4 inbuilt cameras, or gesture click, everything is being worked upon actively to ensure a pleasurable user experience.   

Let us check out the in-built features in some of the most popular phones that will help one create the finest videos and edit them at the drop of a hat.

MIUI / Xiaomi

A relatively newer company, Xiaomi, has taken over the markets ever since it was launched. Its budget-friendly devices, exceptional features, excellent build quality, and impressive processors are some of the many attributes that make it stand out. Xiaomi has evolved rapidly since it started, and with each build/patch it releases, it tries bringing in some out-of-the-box features to keep its user base happy. And, in the case of video editing, it is no different. It has incredible templates, beautifying filters, and remarkable user-friendly features to enhance the video recorded.

It has made video editing all the more simple. Head over to the native MIUI gallery, choose the desired video, and tap on the “scissor” tool to start editing it. The editing interface is divided into sections to make the entire process even more convenient and user-friendly. Also, it provides the option to rotate the video as per the requirement to zoom into the details and edit at a micro-level.

Below listed are the main features that can be used to take your videos to the next level:-   

  • Crop videos: This is the first option appearing in the editing interface. As the name suggests, it allows the user to crop the video horizontally or vertically by choosing/defining the start and endpoint.
  • Change aspect ratio: The next option is that of the aspect ratio. Here, the user can either define the aspect ratio by manually moving the horizontal and vertical bars or modify the ratio using the predefined sets given as per standard requirements.
  • Add effects to videos: One of the most remarkable features of the Xiaomi phone that leads to great videos is the variety of filters it offers. Not only does it have a fantastic range of in-built features, but it also has a plethora of other effects that can be downloaded and used conveniently. Additionally, a single filter/effect can be applied to many videos, too, in case of a merge, making it all the more time-saving for the user.
  • Subtitles: Short videos or reels often require subtext or subtitles popping up in the video to for ease of translation and to help the deaf community.. And so, keeping that in mind, Xiaomi offers the feature for adding subtitles to the video.
  • Soundtrack: In recent times, music has been the backbone of almost all videos. But it often becomes difficult to add music to videos considering length, looping requirements, etc. But fret not, for Xiaomi offers the soundtrack adding feature. It provides an easy way to add music and SFX to the video, either from the in-built music libraries or the music available on the cloud/other platforms.
  • Merging: No sooner did we think the list would end, Xiaomi came up with something unique and useful. It introduced the merging/joining option that one can use to combine multiple photos to form a video clip or multiple video snippets. One needs to access the photo/video section in the gallery, head over to the Photo / Video editing option, choose the photos/videos to be joined, and then click on the merge button and wait for the magic to happen.


Samsung is one of the oldest players in smartphones and has constantly evolved since its inception. It is a pioneer in using many technologies, like three cameras and wide-angle shooting modes. And so, when it comes to video editing and making, it is no different.

Samsung has always been known to deliver phenomenal video quality. Not only so, with the built-in video editor, editing one’s video has been quite a cakewalk, even for newbies. Whether you’ve shot the footage yourself or your friends have sent it to you, Samsung’s editing interface makes adding music, cutting scenes, and even adding doodles with the S Pen that much easier.

Besides, one can use it in both modes, i.e., portrait and landscape, thus providing the much-needed freedom to edit the videos conveniently.

One needs to access the gallery and head towards the desired video to be edited. If one wants to edit or modify multiple movies together, tap on the film icon on the upper right corner of the screen and select the required files. After that, tap on the Create Movie button at the bottom of the interface and tap on “Edit yourself” to kickstart the process. Alternatively, one can click on the pencil icon on the left corner and start editing.

Adding doodles, text, transitions, and stickers, editing music, and using filters have never been so simple and user-friendly.


A relatively recent competitor in the arena, Oppo phones are known for their cameras exclusively. Oppo has been one of the favorites of budding photographers, bloggers, and video makers, especially in the case of budget phones, as it comes equipped with good processors and cameras for detailed shots.

Oppo provides a professional set of editing tools for adding magic to the videos for photo editing. Whether it be basic cropping or adding texts to a fantastic array of filters, or adding watermarks, it has everything one can ask for. Access the gallery, choose the desired video, tap on the edit button followed by any available tools, and voila, magic is done!


One can definitely claim that a legend is in the house when it comes to iPhones. Ever since the iPhone was launched, it swept the market off its feet.

From mono acts to short films, the iPhone gives users the power to make professional HD videos in a single click. Not only this, with Apple upping the game with each passing day, it is taking direction, video making, editing, etc., to new heights.

Delving deeper, to begin one’s video/photo editing journey in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, one needs to access the Photos app and click on the desired video. Post this, one can easily crop the video, change the video length and modify the video speed in a few taps.


So, if you are looking for a career in video making, blogging, or as a creator of short video apps like Rizzle, choose your phone wisely. Keep exploring, keep experimenting, keep creating!

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