Social Media and Trends

We can safely say that social media in any form is going nowhere; in fact, we have more and more apps coming every day with better features and better quality. The kind of dynamics in the virtual world, apps, be it new or old, need to be always on their toes. 

If we talk specifically about the last two years, 2020 and 2021, we have seen more than a million new users joining social media through different platforms. This is just scratching the surface. By January 2021, almost 4.2 billion total users were registered across all social media platforms. Huge number, buddy, I know! 

India and Internet

India has almost 560 million internet users, making us the second largest online market in the world after China. (Source). There has been a consistent increase in internet accessibility compared to just five years ago when the internet penetration rate was around 27 percent. This means that almost half of India has access to various social media channels. 

Social media channels with such vast viewership now have incredible virality, with new trends coming out every day. Now, we all know it doesn’t take a minute for something to become a trend, with almost 4.2 billion users accessing social media worldwide. Short-video-based formats are the most popular for trends. 

These easy to create videos are made easier when you use Rizzle. We, at Rizzle, offer mind-blowing templates and easy-to-edit video tools provided in-app. The Rizzle templates are uncountable in variety and diverse in style, unlike any other app. 

We keep track of all fabulous trends that the creators and users like and make sure we inform you about them every week-


Here are some fantastic trends that we stumbled upon this week:

1. #Desigirls: A tribute to our desi girls who, when hit puberty, realize their extraordinary powers over the other gender or the same. 

2. #Dreamitordoit: This particular trend is based on the fantastic ‘dream or do it’ template by our amazing Rizzlers. This allows you to share your most amazing photos and help you realize your own strength. 

3. #Fikarfry: We all have those little things that we worry about, like what to eat, what to wear, etc., every day. We thought it would be fun to see what everyone worries about. Will it be the same thing or different? Find out!

4. #Daddycool: No matter our age, there are just some things our dads are better at than us. Aren’t they? Go on the app and share such unforgettable moments with your Dad with us. 

Oof, so tired! There are so many noteworthy trends, it becomes quite difficult to pick and choose! Do tell us in the comments if you liked these particular trends or not. 

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