5 Supervillains With Valid Reasons To Be Evil

Supervillains With Valid Reasons To Be Evil

Some supervillains have better backstories than superheroes, and this gives them an almost justified reason to be evil.

Great supervillains make good superheroes. We all love a badass evil genius with a twisted sense of reality. Personally, Supervillains have taught me that not everything is black or white. People are not purely evil just for the sake of it. There are grey areas and they’re important. How you react to these grey areas is what makes all the difference. And when a villain’s origin story translates this idea accurately, you find yourself in a dilemma as to whose side you’re on.
Here’s a list of 5 Supervillains who have a more or less justified reason to be evil:

1. Killmonger

Black Panther broke several records when it came out and had us chanting “Wakanda forever” for months later. Aside from a great cast, costumes, music, and mind-blowing special effects, the plot played a major role in its success: how the main characters were written, especially the antagonist. Killmonger is filled with an inexplicable rage which later reveals itself to be the heartache of being orphaned and abandoned by his uncle. The struggle of growing up poor and oppressed moved him to find a solution for other black people like him. His anger is aimed at how racism has made life hard for several generations of black people, and yet Wakanda never stepped in to help. Towards the end, his ideology prompts T’Challa to end Wakanda’s isolation and lets them share their advancements with the world.

“Two billion people all over the world who look like us whose lives are much harder, and Wakanda has the tools to liberate them all. Where was Wakanda?” -Killmonger to the Wakandan court.

2. Thanos

You saw this coming from a mile away! Yes, he had a serious savior complex. Yes, he committed genocide across several planets, and he wiped out half of the Earth’s population. There is no denying that this may be the biggest ethical error ever. However, his reasoning that people will eventually starve to death because of overpopulation and lack of resources is a phenomenon we’re no strangers to. Humans have indeed developed an unsustainable way of living, resulting in devastating climate change and rapid depletion of resources.
However, to Thanos, we’d like to quote Jake Peralta and say, “Cool motive, still murder.”

“The end is near. When I’m done, half of humanity will still exist. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”- Thanos

3. The Joker

The character of the Joker asks an important question: What makes a monster? In his case, it was society. The city of Gotham kicked him when he had already hit rock bottom. He is a traumatized, isolated, and troubled individual whose life is a series of unfortunate events. He’s had way too many bad days and finds no respite at home or outside. All he finds within himself is anarchy and chaos, and he embraces it to liberate himself. However, this proved to be extremely disastrous for Gotham, making a mess that Batman spends most of his life cleaning up.

“I used to think that my life was a tragedy. But now I realize…it’s a comedy.”- The Joker

4. Syndrome

The Incredibles universe worships superheroes and deems them as superior. After being shunned by Mr, Incredible for not being born with superpowers, Syndrome creates technology that can power a normal person with superpowers (s/o to Tony Stark). His objective is to have an unbiased egalitarian society where no one is superior to another. And given today’s disease of class divide and discrimination, Syndrome’s motive doesn’t seem too bad.

“And when everyone’s super, no-one will be.”- Syndrome

5. Mojo Jojo

The OG evil genius of our childhoods had good reason to be that way. Anyone who knows Mojo Jojo’s origin story knows that he was the sole recipient of Professor Utonium’s affections before the Powerpuff Girls were created. When the Professor’s attention shifted to the girls, he felt abandoned and ignored, a fair reflex in any first child. Maybe if the Professor had been more careful with the whole situation, Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo would be the best of friends!

“Curses!”- Mojo Jojo

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