Street Food That Will Instantly Cause Foodgasm

Indian street food

Indian street food is famous across the globe. From Hollywood celebrities to famous politicians, here’s what makes them drool.

Indians are spoilt for choice when it comes to food, especially street food. With every changing landscape, there’s a new culture that welcomes you with open arms, hence, a different cuisine to taste. The lanes of Old Delhi are studded with food joints that have people singing their praises beyond borders. It is not for nothing that Tom Cruise swears by our Chicken Tikka. With such vast diversity, the cuisines and cultures in India change with every mile that you travel. But if there’s one thing that remains constant throughout, it has to be the love for food.

A food lover’s paradise, India will greet you with an array of street foods that can leave you at a loss for words. The lip-smacking fast food available at the roadside stalls can beat even the fanciest restaurant when it comes to taste. To be honest, street food is a feeling, it is what people live for, in India and outside India. Isn’t it? Let’s give you a quick virtual tour of what Rizzlers think about the famous street food in India.

1. Kebabs

Joyraj has been documenting his knowledge on food at Rizzle, making all of us crave some delicious street food at odd hours. In this video, Joyraj can be found talking about kebabs, mostly non-vegetarian that you cannot resist. If you are on the ‘gram, you’d already know that the first thing that Pataal Lok fame Ishwak Singh aka Ansari wants to do once the lockdown is uplifted is to take a stroll around Old Delhi. Of course, we share sentiments with him.

2. Dabeli Pav

It’s impossible that you have been living in India and haven’t tried Dabeli yet. Well if you haven’t, you really need to get your hands dirty with some Dabeli. This super delicious breakfast dish popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat can be easily spotted on roadside stalls and if there’s one word to describe the taste, it is Heavenly!

3. Momos

Any list of street foods in India is incomplete without Momos and we know you’d agree! A plate of hot momos with spicy chutney is a perfect snack for anyone who loves food. Though momos aren’t originally from India but with the kind of love that we Indians have showered upon this dish, we totally believe that we now share an inseparable bond. What do you think?

4. Sev Puri

If given a chance, we could eat Sev Puri at any hour of the day, isn’t it? This delicious, super awesome, light snack will leave you craving for more every time you finish a plate of Sev puri, it is that tasty! This one surely is our favorite tea-time snack that we will most certainly never get tired of munching on. What’s interesting to note is that this snack is known with different names throughout the country.

5. Dahi Bhalla

Nitin never fails to amaze us with his sizzling videos and this particular Talk About A Picture gets us drooling like never before. Dahi Bhalla is what people from Delhi swear by. This super-soft yet delicious dish isn’t just good, it is beyond what words can explain. The freshly made spongy bhallas topped with yogurt and different kind of sauces will make you experience a food coma right after the first bite.

These were some of the most famous food from the streets of India that you must NOT miss at any cost. Whether you are an Indian or will soon travel to India, tasting these is a must. You will thank us later, trust me. But what is even more important is to create your Rizzle account now and tell us how you feel about these food options and much more. Happy Rizzling!

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