Templates – the elevator to short video success!

Short videos are the new “comfort food”! No matter how you’re feeling, you can always count on a good 30-second video to cheer you up. From a dancing kitten to a trending song to fancy slo-mo travel videos, these eye-catching clips have been all over social media. 

Along with being entertaining, these videos have also gained the trust of entrepreneurs who aim to build their businesses. According to a report by Animoto, 93% of companies gained a customer because of a video on social media. That’s a crazy high number! 

There’s no denying that short videos are a crucial addition to your social media presence, whether you are a content creator or an entrepreneur. There are no ties, and there is no limit on the creativity you can unleash with these videos! So it’s obvious you want to be in on it right away. 

Now for a person who is new to the world of video making and editing, it can be tricky to navigate through an entire network of people specializing in this art. It takes a lot to make attention-grabbing, mind-boggling content that keeps your viewer glued to the screen. However, we’re here to tell you that these influencers have got nothing on you! 

Here’s another secret no one told you – You don’t actually need to shoot footage, start to finish, to create a video! How? By using video templates! 

What are Templates?

Now that you’ve uncovered this little secret, it’s time to dive into Templates and their undeniable charm. 

Video templates are ready-made sample videos with professional effects and filters, edited clips, and music for any person to use and customize. These can be simple templates requiring minimal effort or professional ones that need some technical know-how. Many websites provide video templates for free and short video apps that give you video templates with unique features. 

Several short video apps give you free Templates that allow you to add photos or video clips to them, and create your video. Rizzle makes this even easier.The only thing you have to do is add your pictures and just “sit still and look pretty”! 

Whether you want to create a Facebook ad or show off your gorgeous OOTD, promote your local business online or wish a ‘Happy Birthday’ to your friend, video templates have got your back!

Why should one use Templates?

What if you just want to mess with your friend by showcasing embarrassing photos and moments of them in a video? There are many ways to go about it – Secretly record your friend and make a new video, compile previous moments of them, or simply use a Template. Now, why would you use a Template?

The easiest route to a video

If you have a ready-made Template video in front of you, then dust off your hands before you even start because it’s going to be so easy! With a Template like this one, all you have to do is add your friend’s goofy pictures and let the video create itself!

Less stress; more bass

With an in-built track and sound effects, you won’t have to worry about finding the right sound for any of your videos. From retro classics to pop, you can show off every one of your avatars with music that fits. Not to mention the unlimited possibilities you unfold once you know you can change the entire flow of the video with a change in music. 

From Messi to Desi

Are you a football fan? There’s a Template for you! Do you like Desi, Bollywood songs? There’s a Template for you! Are you a nature lover? You guessed it; there’s a Template for you! Whatever your interests are, you can always find the right Template for it. 

Speaking of different kinds of Templates…

Types of Templates on Rizzle

Occasions and Greetings

Like cakes, our Templates grace every occasion. Think about any special event coming up, and you can find a Template for it on Rizzle. Christmas or Chhat Puja, New Year’s Day or Navratri, Republic Day or Raksha Bandhan, Halloween or Holi – you name it, we got it! 

There’s more! If your daughter has just graduated and you’re unable to hold your tears back, we’ve got a new way for you to show your pride! Congratulate your loved ones on their achievements, birthdays, anniversaries, and more with exciting templates.


If Templates themselves don’t seem magical enough, there’s an entire category called ‘Magic’ with fun Templates on Rizzle. Why are they called Magic? Because they could let you take a dip in a glass or give you wings. Depending on your mood, these Templates can make you look fly!

Check out how to make yourself fit in a glass – 

Love and Lyrics

Do you get heart emojis in your eyes when you hear a love song? Then we have something special for you! Lyrical Templates that can make you melt and sassy ones to make you LOL. We also have Love Templates that could make you dream of your special someone. We could show you but try not to get all mushy inside! 


“Doing Pooja every day is cool.” If you agree with this line from the movie Rudraksh, then you’ll love these Templates. You can dedicate your prayers to God and start your mornings with spiritual chants. There are no bounds!


Got ‘wanderlust’ in your bio, but stuck at home? You’ll like our Travel Templates that let you roam around the world with your favorite long drive songs playing in the background. Covid restrictions or not, you can be anywhere on earth with these Templates with just a tap! 


Sassy or classy, we have templates for every side of you. Show off your natural swag with dialogues that match your mood. Heartbroken or heartbreaker, we have something for every situation.

What else can you do with Templates?

Now, you know all the basic things you can do with Templates, but what more? Is there something else that adds more pizzazz to your views? Find out!

Dancing with stars

You can be the Bad Boy with Badshah with just a tap. Dance with the legendary SRK and lagao thumke zaalima! Let your eyes hypnotize Harrdy Sandhu and we’ll say, “Kya Baat Ai”! You get where this is going. You can be in a video with any of these celebrities with only a simple Template. 

Share anywhere

You’ve had your fun, and you’ve made your video, but what’s the point if you don’t flaunt it? Share your videos on WhatsApp, Instagram, or YouTube and go viral! To know what it means to go viral, you can check out our blog on ‘Virality’


Titan is the God of Templates! Only available on Rizzle, Titan lets you size down smaller than a grain of sand, swim in melting ice cream on a sunny day, or be larger than the Taj Mahal! There’s no limit on the fun things you can do with Titan. Just go crazy with it! 

Trend on Rizzle with Rizzle Trends

So you’ve made an excellent video and showed it to your friends. Now how do you become a celeb with it? You trend! 

Step out of scrolling through social media and step into the exciting world of Trends! Rizzle Trends have been all the hype, and with the added magic of Templates, they are on another level. Check out some of the Trends that you could be on right now.

#MithiGal – Kitthe chaliye tu? Ride the waves of love with your partner and this Trend. 

#BeachSunsets – Who doesn’t love sunsets? Now you can have the sunset glow with this Template and shine on!

#TwistHai – We twist, and we trend. You know the step. You know you want to do it. Go on. 

#TraditionalLooks – Sarees are love. And we love looking at you in a saree. So we got you a Trend to show off!

#UPKaJugaad – This one’s different. We’ll leave this for you to figure out. 

Trending content is the bloodline of social media. To make content that grabs, you need pro-looking effects and music. For this reason, video Templates are here to stay! There are several things you can do, and countless ideas you can use to create fantastic content with these Templates. They are the flair you’ve been missing! 
So what are you waiting for? Get on Rizzle and get access to hundreds of Templates with unique features. Pick your favourites and start creating magic!

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