The Best of Rizzle’s 3-Minute Series

Rizzle 3-minute series

We are proud to present the Best of Rizzle’s 3-minute series that have made a mark on the content creation community with their exceptional talent.

Rizzle has been blessed with a host of creators that have posted really amazing and diverse posts on the platform. Whether those are mini-series, Rimix posts, Filmi posts, or templates posts, or creators just showcasing their talents on Rizzle, we have been blessed with an abundance of such rich and diverse creators. Today we are going to talk about a few of the ‘Best of Rizzle’s 3-minute series’ or mini-series that have raised the bar of content creation. These 3-minute series are a step by Rizzle to ask creators to create a series in 3-minutes. This tests the creativity of the creators who now need to send across their message or plot with all the essential elements in just 180 seconds. Well, we have not been disappointed with creators weaving really intricate or simple plots within the 3-second timeframe. These series are spread across a host of genres and showcase the talent that is thriving at Rizzle.

Below are the Best 3-minute series on Rizzle:

Useful phrases for azns

I would like to begin with one of the funny (depends upon you), important (depends upon you) but really engaging mini-series, ‘Useful Phrases for azns’. This series is not like your usual series with a storyline but with the creators speaking useful phrases to survive in Liberal America. While this 3-minute series might be hilarious for a few, yet it encompasses a deeper meaning when looked at closely shows how in today’s world people have to be careful about the words they speak as anything they speak can be taken negatively. So have a look at this series and pick up phrases that will not be useful only in Liberal America but all over the world.

Andy’s Asian Afterlife

Well, this one is going to burst your bubble. If you thought that after your death there was not going to be any segregation based on color, well you are wrong. This mini-series is a laugh-fest that hilariously portrays what happens after Andy Zou the creator dies. He arrives at the Asian Afterlife with a 40 ft. Buddha statue judging him. Yes, both of them are apparently a thing. The 3-minute series makes your ribs tickle and takes you through a journey to all the three places in the afterlife, heaven, purgatory, and hell. Also don’t miss out on the ironic choice in the last episode that decides Andy’s fate.


The best word to describe this series is that it’s catchy. Why catchy, well because the series is in the form of songs.. about Spiders! It’s actually a bit difficult to describe this series other than the aforementioned sentence. The 3 songs covered in the mini-series spread out across the famous spider-related themes around the world. Sorry, not the first one. It is just a song that encompasses how the creator feels about spiders. (Hint: Doesn’t like them) So get singing about spiders and maybe get to like them… I don’t know that’s entirely up to you now.


I am 100% sure that you have seen many if not at least one kidnapping-related series so far. Well, I don’t think you have watched anything like this. Abducted is an out-of-the-box mini-series that serves the purpose of a parody about a kidnapping. The series is infused with laughter, sprinkled with creativity, and most importantly has a really stupid kidnapper who I feel has been taken advantage of by the victim, a mother of three who takes the opportunity to get away from the responsibilities of her house and to get some sound sleep and rest. One friendly piece of advice: Do enjoy this series, but please do not try this. Thank You!

Rate My Childhood

Now this series is really fun! Why, because this series is more fun when you sit with your slam book or any childhood dress and rate them! Rate My Childhood is another creative series with the plot revolving around the creator rating her childhood memories, her prom dress, her series, and movie reviews on Facebook and determining how good they were. The series hits you with a wave of nostalgia and will have you diving in those old dusty boxes that house these childhood memories. What’s a vacation when we don’t visit those childhood memories and feel good about the stupid yet lovely memories we lived.

Woman In The Field

This is for all you aspiring journalists out there! Please, please do not be like Amelia Hirsch. Woman In The Field is a funny yet kind of sad mini-series that explores the difficulty that Amelia Hirsch, an aspiring journalist faces. Now, what is the problem she faces? She isn’t audible. At all! I mean there is not even scope for reading the lips as she is wearing a mask. Maybe because we have been wearing masks for the better part of almost 2 years, there might be a few who can now read the expressions. But then that’s not what journalists aspire to do. So let’s dive into this hilarious 3-minute series and let it serve as a reminder of how tough becoming a journalist is.

I’m Young IDK

Before I write anything about this series, I just want to say this. The room where the mini-series has been shot is eye-catching. Okay now back to the series. To sum it up, this series is almost a Gen Z series. Just like how the generation constantly judges everything based on their appearance, in this mini-series the creator judges the name of the characters of the old series by their appearance. To be honest, it’s quite fun and you also become easily involved in this guessing game. But the adage does prove true, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Confident Man

There is always someone whose gut and confidence we just hate because that person just does not know when to stop talking. Confident Man is a series along those lines where the creator portrays a man with a very questionable beard who just speaks a lot. It’s like such people are immune to the quite visible stares from the people around them. So get that person in your head as you watch this series and realize that he/she is not that bad as compared to the man in this 3-minute series.

Honest Bachelor

Honest Bachelor is just too honest. The 3-minute series is a hoot and a half with the creator not holding back without any filter. For all you Brooklyn 99 fans out there, think about this as when Charles Boyle went all honest when his pain medications kicked in. (The last season is going to be a blast!) I am sure this series reflects the thoughts of all the bachelors out there and I am sure this is going to make all of you look away when the relatable thoughts are heard out loud. Also the creator really has a kickass beard!

Derby Girl

This mini-series brought to us by Kayla Arend is what rural America is all about. The existence of a tradition that does not make sense yet invokes a strong father-child relationship and people enjoying it with fried food that has been refried, (Think Fried Oreos from The Ranch) and beer to chug it down. The tradition in question is the Demolition Derby where the narrator is the only woman in this male-dominated tradition and narrates her experience. The narration is really good and brings alive her experiences as a Demolition Derby participant and the high-quality videos provide us a visual treat to this tradition. So get ready for a 3-minute experience that gives you a peek into rural America.

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