Is silence really golden? The rise of ASMR content

The rise of ASMR content

I’m sure we are all familiar with ASMR videos but do you know what it stands for? ASMR is actually an abbreviation for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Shocking, right? ASMR is a tingling or calming sensation a person experiences in response to an auditory or visual stimulus. The stimuli that trigger ASMR differ from one individual to another. The most well-known stimuli include murmurs, repetitive sounds, smacking, brushing, biting, tapping, scratching, and crinkling.

Did you know? ASMR as a word did not even exist before 2010? Apparently, in 2007, the username “okaywhatever” portrayed her experience of ASMR sensations in an online health discussion forum. By 2010, a woman named Jennifer Allen sat down to brainstorm what she could call this peculiar phenomenon. This brainstorm session and tons of research led to her coining the term ‘ASMR.’ 

Rise of ASMR content

Now that we know what ASMR is let us understand how we were introduced to the realm of ASMR-specific content. ASMR has indeed come a long way from being a medical terminology to being a dominating internet trend. ASMR content rose to fame as early as 2013 on YouTube. It garnered enormous attention, with millions of videos being uploaded to the platform. 

This content gained a lot of popularity with people frantically searching for such content across Google search, YouTube, and Reddit. In fact, Google searches recorded that people usually search for ASMR-related content post 10:30 pm, typically when people wind down from a hard day of work. ‘ASMR sleep’ is among the most searched terms. Even rapper Cardi B says that she tunes into a little ASMR content right before her bedtime.

Interestingly, Samsung started developing ‘aiMo,’ an ASMR sound recording solution using smartphones and cover cases. Various brands also started leveraging this trend and hopped on this ‘silent’ bandwagon. One that stands out is definitely Coca-Cola’s commercial. They successfully leveraged ASMRaketing and took it to the next level. 

Even W magazine leveraged this trend by hosting a series on their YouTube channel. This 56 episode series has celebrities Gigi Hadid, Paris Hilton exploring various ASMR trends. Hence it is safe to say that ASMR quickly took over the internet and stole the show.

Why do we enjoy ASMR?

Now, there is always a logical, often psychological, explanation behind every phenomenon. With regards to ASMR, there is a large chunk of our population that enjoys watching such content. ‘ASMR’ content is meant to have a calming effect on the onlookers and helps you take a step back from the hustle-bustle of your chaotic lives. 

In a study conducted by the University of Sheffield and Manchester Metropolitan University, it was found that ASMR videos benefit physical and mental health among certain people. To further quantify the finding, it was noted that people who respond well to ASMR triggers show a rise in positive emotions such as relaxation and feelings of social connection. Often comparable to listening to music or meditation.

While we are on the topic of the psychology behind ASMR, let us also understand a little more about certain ASMR triggers. Today, almost anything is an ASMR trigger. Sounds such as tapping, sounds of nature such as raindrops, streams flowing, trees swaying are examples of such triggers. Eventually, people on the internet came up with their own triggers. These include slime videos, crushing particular objects, and ASMR mukbangs, which quickly bombarded the internet and became their own trends. 

Trending ASMR content 

Nowadays, almost anything has become a trend. The way social media works, you can become an internet sensation overnight. Among these trendsetters, ASMR continues to be at the forefront.

With short video platforms taking over social media today, this format lends itself perfectly to ASMR content. It allows users to create bite-sized ASMR content that is engaging without being draggy and boring to watch. 

Main factors to consider for every aspiring ASMRtists

Suppose you are someone trying your hand at creating quality ASMR content. In that case, there are a few essential factors required to perfect your video-making skills. These factors include the room, the source, and the gear. All of them are interdependent and equally important. Here are a few factors to consider when making your homemade content.

The source 

There is a particular mic discipline that comes with being a differentiated and good ASMR artist. Hence, it is crucial to keep a few of these pointers in your back pocket and really see them through. 

  • When recording your video, triggers such as whispering and breathing can often sound odd and overpowering. The tip is to avoid breathing or whispering too close to the microphone. 
  • Secondly, try investing in a pop filter. A pop filter essentially cancels out the prominent sounds of the letters P, T, and B, which would sound extremely odd without a pop filter. 
  • Thirdly, to cancel out the sound that the letter ‘S’ makes, which is often very sharp and annoying, the trick is to talk away from the microphone. Speaking directly into the mic will only result in the sound being highly prominent. 
  • Another pointer to keep in mind is relatively simple to follow and definitely one of the most essential pointers. This pointer is known as the proximity effect. In a nutshell, the proximity effect increases the bass response of a directional microphone. The closer you get to the microphone(starting at around 25-30 cm), the more bass gets added to your natural voice. A better bass opens up ways to shape your sound. This is something to keep in mind when you are recording your next video!

The environment/room

Now that we have discussed microphone discipline, let’s dive into the importance of the environment you record in. Instead of investing heavily in a sound box or studio equipment, you can easily create modifications to any room and get started. 

  • Background sounds: Ever wondered why people opt to record their videos in the nighttime? There is a simple explanation for this. While there are certain factors, such as the fan/air conditioner, washing machine, etc., that you can turn off, you cannot predict or avoid several factors. These sounds usually comprise street noise, horns, moving cars, screaming children, etc. Hene it is advisable to record your videos later in the night to avoid unwanted sounds in your ASMR video background. 
  • Room Reflections: While recording any sound, reflective surfaces are a big no-no, especially for an ASMR video. Filling the space with absorbers is the way to avoid the echo caused by these reflective surfaces. You can bring out your old carpets or thick curtains from the storage, use cardboard boxes, or simply leave a wooden cupboard open.

Apart from the pointers above, you must also keep in mind that the equipment is equally important. While there are various options in the market, you can invest in condenser microphones that will give you a detailed sound resolution. If you are someone shooting on your smartphone, check out this blog on various smartphone add ons that will enhance your video creation experience.

What editing software can I use to perfect my ASMR content?

After covering the do’s and don’t’s of perfecting your homemade ASMR content, let us get right into the editing software you can use to take your content up a notch. 

Audio recording software is essential when it comes to an ASMR video. The audio comprises 90% of the charm behind an ASMR video. Without good audio quality, the actual content is not worth viewing. There are a few free and affordable options, such as Audacity, Garage Band, and Cakewalk.

Now that we have covered the audio aspect of things let jump to how you can rise to stardom with the content you produce. There are various applications that can double up as editing software and a stage for you to reach out to the right audience. Among these applications is Rizzle which doubles up as an editing software and a platform for creators to share their content on.

Why Rizzle?

With Rizzle, you can edit your ASMR videos with utmost ease and efficiency. With an array of features at your fingertips, editing your videos is a piece of cake. If you want to understand more about the various features available on the application, check out this blog

You can also take inspiration from the artists already leveraging the platform to create their versions of ASMR content. Nezzasmr is one such artist that showcases her love for food-based ASMR videos. She experiments with textured foods such as pop rocks, cinnamon toast crunch, etc., making it a delight to watch. 

We also have artists exploring nature ASMR, which gives the viewers a calming and soothing feeling, perfect for watching during some downtime. Rosepetal Whispers is one such artist who uses her surroundings amidst nature and turns them into relaxing ASMR videos.

Next up, we have Powder Queen. Her videos are a visual and auditory delight. 

We know that you are urging to go and create an ASMR video right away, after reading about it and watching these calming videos. So, all we ask is, what’s stopping you? Put an end to your contemplation and create your own version of quality ASMR content right here on Rizzle.

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