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Rizzle 360 contest.

‘Everything you can imagine is real.’ Pablo Picasso

Do you ever wish to live in your imaginative world rather than in reality? I believe that many of us do that, cause why not! The world we imagine is always different from the ordinary, filled with creativity and colors. Being able to create something is more fun than being stuck with reality. Imagination is the first step towards bringing something unreal into reality.

If you have a crazy story in your mind or a song that you wrote while just sipping tea, don’t just let it sit on your phone or diary. Bring it out to the world and explore its reach.

Rizzle is known for its contests. It’s the place where you get the chance to show your creativity to the world. There are contests for just about everything- series, acting, dance, fashion, and much more! Participate in the contest of your liking and show it to your audience. Currently, Rizzle runs Rizzle Music League contests every month. You can groove to the trendiest songs of your favorite actors here. With Rizzle 360 contest, you can create a program that focuses on news, opinions, pop culture, and more. If you like acting then the Rizzle Series is for you. It’s a contest that focuses on bringing out the filmmaking talent you never knew you had. Collabs contests are about video creation while teaming up. There are also many internal contests available on the app. To know more about the contests, tap here.

Rizzle is a short video platform where you can make your own series. Write a story that you want to share with the world. Be the director and show your angle. Become the actor you always wanted to be and express your character the way you want it to be. Be the star of your story!

Discover your creative outlet with Rizzle. Be it hosting your own talk shows, having conversations on something that matters, showing off your fashion, vlogging about your life, and so on.

Take a chance and join the contests that pique your interests and unleash your creativity.

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