5 Things to Avoid on a First Date

Things to Avoid on a First Date

Because the first date is always nerve-racking!

Whether the first date is with someone whom you know through social media or a blind date set up by your friends, the first date can be nerve-wracking for most people. I mean, meeting a stranger who can potentially become your life partner is a lot of pressure. But it is a pressure which everyone is willing to take and with some guidance and a bit of advice from the right person, a first date can turn into something beautiful.

So here are 5 things to avoid on a first date:

Avoid talking about your ex

The ultimate rule of the first date is to not talk about previous flings or relationships. No matter how your previous relationship ended, the story of you and your ex is not going to change whether you tell it on the first date or not. You can always talk about your previous relationship some other time if your first date leads to something else. Talking about your ex on a first date makes you sound like you are still hung up on them and it is a major red flag. So, instead, talk about something else, talk about the common things between the two of you.

Leave your phone alone

You might have met your date through online dating apps or social media but never use your phone on your first date. Our generation has a habit of seeking comfort in their phones during awkward situations but never use your phone to break the silence. After all the trouble and preparation for the date to happen, don’t spoil it by not being in the moment. Your friends can wait, your social media can wait, and your updates can wait. This is important not just on the first date but for future dates and other social aspects of life too. Show that you are a good listener and that you care about what people have to say.

Don’t be argumentative or rude

Always remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and just because their opinion is different from yours doesn’t mean that they are wrong. General first date rules advise one to avoid talking about sociopolitical topics but times have changed and it is important to know about the person’s political stance. But no matter what their political stance is, a first date is not the place to be argumentative. Being respectful and polite about other people’s opinions is always a plus point, so save the debate for some other day.

Avoid bragging and oversharing

Bragging is a major turn-off for everyone, so avoid bragging. You might have a lot of accomplishments and own a lot of pricy bling but never brag about them, instead remember modesty is appealing. Some people have the habit of talking too much when they are nervous. So if you are one of them be very aware of what you are talking about. Sharing things about yourself is normal, I mean, the whole point of the date is to get to know each other but remember that it is just the first date. You don’t want your date to know that your stomach is going to act up the next morning!

Don’t expect too much

First dates in movies are portrayed most unrealistically, giving people false hope and expectations. Not just movie-like expectations but avoid expecting too much from the other person. Before going on a date, we tend to build the idea of that person in our head, which everyone does but don’t overdo it. The outcome of expecting too much can lead to disappointment which will risk the second or maybe more dates. Hoping for your date to be a decent person with who you can get along is fine, but expecting you guys to click instantly and liking each other can be dangerous. Just keep an open mind, and whatever happens, give your date the benefit of the doubt and allow each other space and comfort.

What are your tips for people going on their first date? Rizzle about it!

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