Time To Bend The Rules With Rizzle’s New Feature: Titan

Rizzle's new feature Titan

Rizzle is breaking the boundaries of creativity with its latest AI-ML-powered feature, Titan, that involves automatic body extraction, shrinking, enlarging of objects & more.

What is Titan and what does it do?

Titan is radically redefining the joy of video creation using the AI-ML technology extensively. Users now have the freedom to challenge the preconceived notions of the dimensions and size of everyday objects on Rizzle. Titan constitutes object enlargement, shrinking, and body extraction, making the creation experience compelling and more riveting. Combined with music and visual effects, the output is pure, unthinkable, and unparalleled video magic – all at the tap of a button.

Titan, in simple terms, is the best feature you’ll have seen in a while. Get ready to defy the laws of nature and bend the rules. With Titan, you can shrink yourself to become as small as an ant or magnify yourself to become as big as an elephant. Or, make your childhood dream come true and hold the moon in your hand! Titan is your chance to make magic with videos. Now you can make amazing videos that would normally take hours of editing of various different apps. But with Titan, it’s only a matter of a few seconds! Discover the world through your own lens.

We always say that the limit is your imagination and it explicitly applies to Titan. Create a universe where you decide and define everything with Titan.

How to use Titan?

Like all our other features, Titan is super easy to use. Here is a step by step guide use Titan:

  • Tap on the Record Screen
  • Tap on (template-icon)
  • Select the Titan template you would like to use
  • Tap on (create now icon) and allow the template to download
  • Tap on (record button icon) to start recording the video
  • Note: You have 10 seconds to get to the position you want to be shot in the video. You will hear the shutter sound that indicates that the video is being recorded.
  • After the video is recorded you can position yourself. Tap on (preview icon) to watch the recording.
  • Tap on (preview icon) to post your video.

In the spirit of innovation, Rizzle has been rolling out one revolutionary feature after the other for its creator community.

These new features are designed to help Rizzlers make amazing, professional-looking videos without having to spend hours editing them! They make creation effortless, and the editing seamless, with an end result so perfect that viewers can’t help but watch the video on loop! Joining this batch of cutting-edge innovation is Rizzle’s newest feature- Titan! You have the tools and the guidance, so find the motivation and start making videos on Rizzle using the Titan feature. The best ones will get the spotlight on our social media platform.

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