Tips On Shooting Cooking Videos

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Combining the love for cooking and video shooting!

Cooking is an art. And making great cooking videos is a work of art. A wholesome food complemented with a great cooking video can take the internet by storm. You might find yourself in the shoes of a Masterchef overnight, like Gordon Ramsay or Sanjeev Kapoor. All they have in common, apart from of course great food, is a properly shot, good video that complemented right.

You can make a well-shot professional-looking video by following some simple steps that we recommend to you. But before you begin, just remember that it’s okay to make mistakes in the process. In fact, it could be these genuine mistakes that bring the spotlight. So just be comfortable and enjoy the process.


You need to plan ahead and make sure you have everything in place. This helps to cook the food and shoot the video flawlessly. Watch plenty of cooking videos that are available to you online before you begin. Learn from these videos on how they have done it. Background research will open up a lot of scopes to improve your videos. If you want to make a recipe for the first time, don’t do it on camera instead practice first so that when you do make your cooking video it will be easy to follow and you won’t have to edit out huge mistakes.

Make Notes

Keeping a note of your instructions will come in handy if you’re not a great orator or shooting for the first time. Make a budget for the ingredients and time you spend on explaining it.

Clear Instructions

While there are a lot of people who watch tasty videos just to drool and imagine how the dish might taste, many others genuinely want to learn and try the recipe out for themselves. It will be disappointing for them if you don’t provide clear instructions and sufficient information. To give confidence to the viewer to dive in and start cooking on their own is one of the very tasks of cooking videos.

But that doesn’t mean you have to provide every detail in your video, but the viewer should get a sense of what all creating the dish involves.

Create your style

Having a unique element to your videos is always a great sign. It establishes you and brings in uniformity. Make sure that the place you choose is convenient to prepare the food and to shoot the video. These will be depending on what you are cooking or maybe what season it is. Once you choose the place, try sticking to the same place if you’ve planned on creating more videos. Use the same equipment, the same background, or a particular surface as it helps create identity and individual style.

Choose your clothing

Decide on your clothing beforehand. Are you wearing casuals or you’re wearing an apron on top or maybe a chef costume? All these are important but remember you want the focus to be on the food, not your clothing. It is better to wear a bright but solid-colored outfit.

Shooting the video

Keeping the visuals as delightful as the food you make is of primary importance. In order for your video to farewell and look great, there needs to be consistency which you will learn in your own course of shooting and developing your personal style. And then there are factors such as the choice of equipment to shoot the videos, the shots you have planned, usage of light in the visuals- all that contribute to your style.

Take enough shots

Make your framing interesting. Use a tripod for greater convenience. It is true that a camera that’s moving a lot will only make your video look sloppy. There are times where the camera needs to be held as stable as possible. Using a tripod in such times is the easiest way to get great results. It makes the production look far more professional and makes it easier for a viewer to focus on food preparation, which is of importance.


Lighting is another major factor during production. It depends a lot on the type of food you’re making. For instance, shooting breakfast and lunch food videos will look great in bright light, like daylight, against a cheery backdrop. But a darker interior background is good for dinner food.

Make sure there is enough light in your visuals. Keep the light to be soft and bright as it makes the food more enticing. You want to avoid poorly lit food, or food cast in sharp shadows, as it is only going to make the entire thing moody and unappetizing.

Natural light is always best. It would be for the best if you can find a spot near a window that doesn’t throw direct sunlight onto your food. Again, a well-lit food video is the most important factor in making the food look delicious.

Additional Lighting

You can make use of additional studio lighting equipment that is available online. They come in a wide range of prices and varieties. Just make sure that you choose ‘Daylight’ bulbs. It enhances the visuals. You can also use a diffuser (a white cloth draped over the light works just fine) if the light is too much in order to prevent harsh lighting.

Get the perfect shots

An aerial or otherwise called an overhead shot of the food preparation is always preferable as it clearly displays the action and gives a tutorial-like feel to the video.

But remember, don’t let your lens fog up as it often happens when you’re shooting a top-down perspective to the dish.

Tips On Shooting Cooking Videos


Don’t limit yourself with overhead shots. Try shooting the video from various angles, including closeups of the most delicious parts. Make use of features like time-lapse and slow-motion. This will keep the viewers glued to the screen.

End shot

Have a proper shot in mind to show your viewers how the finished product looks. You can transfer it to a bowl or a plate and add garnishing to the finish for a tantalizing and mouth-watering effect. This makes the viewers come looking out for more of your recipes in the future.


Do sound tests. Make sure that the sound is recorded clearly. Shoot in a place where there is minimal background noise. Background noise creates a disturbance in the video that ultimately affects the viewing experience. Invest in an External Microphone if possible. They come in a wide range of prices starting from very cheap.

Cooking is a hearty thing to do, and your interest to shoot it and show it to the world outside makes it wholesome. Remembering and following these simple steps can give you amazing results. Have fun making it!

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