Tips to Become A Successful Creator

How does one tackle the field of content creator and make the jump from mediocrity to success? Rizzle, India’s best short video app has some tips on how one can become a successful creator!

In the New Normal that we are a part of, the world has shifted online. Everything that a person wants is done and achieved online. Due to this sudden yet expected shift to the online world, there is suddenly a plethora of content available on the internet. And this content covers everything possible! From people making videos of themselves eating to different types of blogs to videos of various contents. Rizzle has a host of amazing content creators who is showcasing their talents in the various amazing features such as Rimix, Filmi, Rizzle Series, Templates that are available on Rizzle.

Basically, almost everyone is a content creator. Or to be more precise a digital content creator. And now due to this sudden abundance of content creators, there is a lot of competition in the field of content creation. Digital creators need to be really good to have people watch their content and have a detailed plan on how to expand and increase their viewers. Everyone wants to create content now because they know there are people out there who want to consume this content. But there is a very important yet basic question that needs to be tackled before you begin your journey as a content creator. How does one become a successful content creator?

So today we are going to try and tackle this question and provide you with some of the most important tips that will help you towards the path of becoming a successful content creator.

Carve a niche- choose your content

Content creating is an attempt by any individual to work and create content on something that they love. Whether it is traveling, sports, fashion, entertainment, and so on people make content on what they love. So the most important thing for any content creator is to be in love with what their niche for the content is going to be. Any content creator needs to be passionate about the content to aim to create. Only then will you be able to make really good content.

A creator needs to stay current

After you decide on content, the next path towards becoming a successful creator is to be on the constant lookout for any changes or development in the field of your content creation. Many creators often do not keep in touch with the constant changes or developments that take place in their fields and get left behind. Whenever you decide to curate content on a specific topic you need to begin with content that is relevant in the current period. If you start with old stuff that has lost its relevance you will not be able to get viewers. So any content creator needs to know about any innovations in their field, trends, or have all the facets covered about their industry. You also need to consume content in other to understand what kind of content and topics do their target audience looks for. So you need to be aware and up-to-date with your content.

Having a thorough understanding of your audience

Any content creator can only be successful if they understand what their audience is looking for. Every one of us is a content consumer and what we don’t realize is that content creators largely depend on the audience. You might have the best content out there on the web, but if you do not have the audience then there is no use. Therefore to be successful, you need to have a thorough understanding of your audience. If the content creators study their audience properly they can make content that will drive their viewership up. To become an audience and think about all the questions and problems that you have when you search for your required content and then think about how you are going to solve it.

Write Often (Often means Daily)

You need to write regularly. And there is no shortcut to this. The more content one posts there is more chances of the content creator having an increase in viewers. You cannot take breaks and post content after days because if you do that there will be someone else who will be regular with his content creation and attract viewers. You need to understand that you are not the only content creator in that field. So you need to constantly flex and show off your writing skills to get the audience. Also, regular writing helps in making you get better. I mean more practice never harmed anybody did it? You need to write down the ideas that pop up in your head instead of keeping them as an afterthought and you can easily forget that. So in order to become a successful content creator, one needs to be in the habit of writing daily. There is no substitute for hard work.

The Importance of Building a Strong Network

Every content creator needs to learn to listen. And in order to listen, they need to network. Every content creator has an idol or an inspiration whose content they consumed voraciously. Therefore any successful content creator knows that the path towards success begins by accepting the fact that there is always going to be someone who knows more than what the creator knows. To be successful as a content creator you need to be ready to network with the relevant creators from your field.
An example of this is the stand-up comedian, Tanmay Bhatt. He started making videos and content on Youtube where he invited other stand-up comedians to the live streaming where they did different things ranging from playing skribbl to roasting each other to just making fun of random stuff from the internet. A lot of these were done to collect money for the COVID relief fund but this helped him build a strong network in his field. One needs to spend time on the social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook communities, Quora, or LinkedIn to come across other like-minded people to help build a strong network. So it is time to reach out and start networking!

The importance of Proper Keyword Research

You thought you could get away with proper keyword research. I know how taxing and boring this can be. But this is the most important criteria for making your work reach others. You need to do deep research into your keywords for creating content. Any content creator has to curate content that appeals to the search engines and therefore one while content creating needs to take advantage of the availability of the various SEO tools. Any digital content requires the inclusion of relevant keywords to get more visibility. There are various other factors that a content creator needs to have an understanding of. These are known as Key Performace Indicators which are major instruments in helping optimize your content. Social Media Traffic, Direct Traffic, Submissions are some of the modern-day KPIs.

These pointers or directions are not the guarantees towards becoming a successful creator, but the following helps you reach that goal easily and quickly. So get creating and follow your passion. Just remember: There was and never will be any substitute for hard work… and keywords.

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