Tips on How to Boost Engagement on Videos

Tips on How to Boost Video Engagement.

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising” – Milton Hershey

Videos are the greatest source of getting information plus entertainment compared to the other content platforms. Why?
Cause it’s attractive, real, and for many people, it’s easier to consume content through listening rather than reading. On the mega video platforms like YouTube, we see all kinds of videos available- music videos, news, lifehacks, live gaming and so much more than the idea to make content and attract its set of audience feels limitless.

There is no doubt that a consistent increase of new audiences and retaining the present audience is the key to the success of a content creator. So, how can content creators attract and retain an audience? We’ll take a deep look into this.

The answer is simpler than you might think but difficult to put into practice. Any creator who wants to make videos does so to let their audience enjoy the content. To make this happen you need to have a video strategy for your content and platform.

Let’s start with a strategy that you need to take a look at before making a video. Following are some tips on How to Boost Engagement on Videos:

Unique Concept

This is very important and the beginning step for a content creator to take a look at before h/she starts making the video. Do your research- to make the audience click on your video you need to first make sure that the video is something for them to take a look at. If you google ‘How to take good pictures, you’ll find many articles and videos. The answer and information are already out there. To make your content stand out the most you need a unique concept that makes it different compared to the rest. Start with jotting down ideas and research them. Try to think from a different perspective and see how you can develop your content more and make your ideas different.

Have Signature

Create your style. Be it your opening signature or closing signature or maybe both. Try to come up with a style that will connect you with the audience. This creates a bond and makes the relationship between the creator and its user more interactive and realistic. Having a signature can create a special bond with your audience and it might also help your audience to always look forward to the next video. This could also help in retaining your loyal audience.

Make it Accessible

Choose your platform. The audience should be able to access your content anytime and anywhere without having to face glitches. For example, technical glitches, geographical glitches- some audiences may not be able to access your video based on the geographical location. Make it possible for your video to reach as many people as it can. Hence, choosing a platform that helps you deliver your best content to the maximum audience is very important. Again, your research and planning are the keys to the success of your content. With so much video content being consumed daily, you must take steps to make your video much more accessible to your audience.

On-screen Character

Why is a character needed to boost your video? Because having a distinctive character can make the audience feel far more connected with the videos. Just be yourself. You are already a distinctive individual. Look at your audience as your friend and be as real as you can. Cause nothing works better than just real people talking with real originality.

Make it Informative

Popular videos captivate the audience in just a few seconds. Those few seconds are very important as the chance to capture the audience’s heart will slip if it’s not taken seriously. There is no doubt that shorter videos work far more effectively than longer ones. Shorter videos can help boost your engagement if it meets the requirements. With short videos, you can have the option of making it a series and creating a multitude of videos under it. However, with shorter videos the content produced has to be much more crisp and informative. It should meet what the audience is looking for. So prepare a video script that is precise and illuminating. Avoid fillers as it could make the audience want to stop watching the video. Hence, shorter, crisper, and informative videos have much higher retention rates than the rest.

Video Quality

In any form of communication ‘quality’ is important. A good quality video says a lot to the audience. It lets them know whether you are an amateur creator or a skilled creator. The latter is preferred more than the former. Any audience would like to get information from a source that knows what they are doing. Many factors are considered important here (which we will discuss in further detail below). Here, you have to first meet the basics of video-making and make it something common for you to do. Make sure your video is bright, colorful, and clear. Nowadays, there are many apps and tools available for content creators to help them create high-production value content. Be the current trend by making use of as many creative tools as you can to make your video more unique. However, don’t forget about the thumbnail. The first thing the audience looks at is the thumbnail. So make sure that your thumbnail is of the same quality as your video.

Crisp & Attractive Title

This is a very important aspect of ensuring the clicks on your thumbnail and video. As mentioned above, your content has to be short and crisp. And the same goes for writing an apt title for your video. Make sure that your title is SEO-friendly and attractive. You can use websites that analyze whether your title is clickbaity and has the highest SEO ranking or not when you decide to use a title. It is no doubt that using analytical tools can help you give a better idea of how to make your title attractive and tell you what would work for you in the market.

Add Description

After the title, add a short description of your video or the topic. Tell your audience what is the video about as that will help them get the first idea of why they should watch your video. You can be as creative as you want with the description or you can just make it simple for the audience. Be sure that your style is being communicated to the viewers.

Keep it Interactive for the Audience

Videos are a great way of communicating through comments, likes, shares, responses, etc. As videos work far better in communicating than images. Hence, the creators need to ensure that the audience can interact with the videos. Add something for the viewers to do. Be it a questionnaire, liking, sharing the video, or voting. Anything that can help generate interest and the users can respond by taking the action.

Market your Video

To make sure that your video is getting attention you need to market your video on other content platforms such as social media apps, blogs, emails, and more. Share your video on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or you could also write a blog about your video and promote it. You need to be your marketer to help boost engagement on your videos.

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