Top 10 Series To Binge On Rizzle

Rizzle mini-series that are binge worthy

It’s popcorn time on Rizzle. Ready. Set. Binge.

Rizzle App is the best original short video platform with over 10 million content creators, churning out original and entertaining videos daily. Rizzle has carved a niche for itself in many things including the vertical-short web series space. This short video app brings entertainment to your mobile screens in the form of short 60 seconds videos. It also allows the content creators of the Rizzle community to create a micro-series and produce episodic content on a smartphone by giving a platform to amateur and aspiring filmmakers, producers, directors. Rizzle has this absolute entertainment provided to everyone!

Here is the list of top picks from our very short and entertaining 5 to 12 episodic series that are a must-watch. Give these best picks a try and these will definitely keep you glued

Office Ki Dosti

Office ki Dosti starring Akashdeep Arora, Ambrish Verma, and Akhil Sachdev is a story full of emotions and 100% laughter that will touch your heart. It is a Hindi entertainment series by Alright. This story revolves around two friends in an office who get involved in a fight and how their mutual friend solves the issue between them. Those of you who made your office mates your best buddies for life will definitely relate to this series.

Humm Tumm

This hit web series which garnered more than 3.5 million views on the app, will surely hook you to your mobile screens and ensure a binge-watch of all the 84 episodes at once. Humm Tumm starring well-known content creators Bhavesh Mnglanii and Paayal Jain is a Rom-Com that revolves around Darshan, a hard-working average guy, and a sassy runaway bride. This is about how Darshan’s life turns around when he gets encountered with an unwelcome guest (the runaway bride) at his place.

Super Intern

Super Intern by Alright presents Shubam, a newly appointed intern, who will be in the probation period. This short series shows the adventures of the super intern showcasing his talents and efforts to prove himself in all the angles in a little fun and an awkward way.

Akhri Dinner

This one is a binge-worthy series that stars popular YouTubers Angry Prash and Funcho. This series is about 4 gamers that are devastated by the PUBG ban in India. Watch it to know what happens in this hysterical tale of 4 PUBG obsessed friends.

College Wala Pyaar

This unique romantic love story called ‘College Wala Pyaar’ stars Kapoor Gaurav and Alisha Chopra as Raghav and Akansha. This is a love story of these two college mates who understand the fate of their love story. This series by Alright presents us with a selfless and unconditional love with an unimagined cute ending.

Wo Bhi Kya Din Thy

This is one of the most trending comedy-filled love story series on Rizzle. This series by Sumesh is a concept-based, olden days 80s, and 90s backdrop series starring Sumesh, Poonam Rheja, Dara Singh, Afsar Khan, and Pulkit. It also has a beautiful background score and revolves around the struggle of a guy who has to go through a lot to convince and express his love to his crush next door.

Office Mass Bunk

Office Mass Bunk by Alright, starring Ambrish Verma, Anushka Sharma, Rohan Shah, and Mehek Mehra is the most interesting fun-filled series to watch. This series is all about how a team of employees plans for a mass bunk being tired of the continuous workload and stress. They make this plan a fun-filled, kiddish, and ever-memorable one. So take a break from your work too and enjoy this 12-minute entertaining series.

Boyfriend Kidnap Ayithe

This series by Jalsaaraayudu124 starring famous Telugu YouTubers JDV Prasad, Siri Hanumanth, Shiva Prasad R, Saibabu Maddisettti, and Naveen Aryan is a complete comedy entertainer. ‘Boyfriend kidnap ayithe’ is a fun-filled comedy Telugu short series on Rizzle which translates to “What would you do if your boyfriend gets kidnapped?” The story revolves around a boyfriend and his rich girlfriend. Watch it to see how his girlfriend deals with her man being abducted for money in a quirky way.

Aravinda Sametha

Aravinda Sametha series by Jalsaaraayudu 124 was directed by and features the famous YouTuber JDV Prasad along with Divyasree, Balu, Saibabu Madisetty. This is a beautiful concept-based series with great dialogues. This series follows the story of a guy and a girl who go on a date to know their likes and dislikes. They fall for each other when they realize that they do all the charity work with love and not for fame or photos. The main concept of this series is that humans should be valued over materialistic things. They portrayed and carried the concept incredibly well.

Gorilla Virus

Gorilla Virus by Sirappa Seivom is a Tamil short comedy series about a new virus in the town. It shows all funny incidents in a satirical way. It represents how people tackle issues around this virus.

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