Top 5 Family Shows To Binge On Rizzle

Top 5 Family Shows To Binge On Rizzle

Binge these family shows on Rizzle with your family and drown in nostalgia, laughter, and emotion.

The Rizzle App is a great digital platform for students, artists, performers, and literally everyone. Anyone who has entertaining skills is welcome at Rizzle, which is growing stronger day by day with over 10 million users, churning out original and entertaining videos daily. Rizzle has carved a niche for itself in many things including the vertical-short web series space. Rizzle Series is a one-stop shop for everyone in the family looking for some comic relief in life. The funny and entertaining videos will lighten the mood and keep you smiling in no time at all. Here are top picks from our very short and entertaining family series that are a must-watch.

Diwali With Mom

This Diwali, Rizzle presents a series of 11 episodes for those who can’t be with their families. “Diwali With Mom” by Alright Comedy, features Aashqeen and Kulbir Badesron. We all have few things in life that do not go as we’ve planned. Especially when you are away from your loved ones during festivals, the helplessness will even worsen your mood. But the one person who will always take away all your sadness and sufferings no matter what is your mom. Yes, our mothers happen to be that one place where we can always find an escape from all our problems and find comfort. It’s a true saying that even if you tell her or not, mothers know everything! This series showcases love and emotions so beautifully, making it the perfect watch this festive season.

Jholjhaal Family

This hit series with thousands of views on the Rizzle app will surely hook you to your mobile screens and ensure you binge-watch all 30 episodes in one sitting. This series revolves around the struggles of a middle-class family during the pandemic lockdown portrayed comically. Jholjhaal Family by Pratibha Mod features herself, her husband Rohan, and Teena his sister. This family will entertain your family with their continuous comedy, leaving you no choice but to laugh along. Settle in and enjoy this quirky fun ride with Prathiba’s Jholjhaal Family that will make you laugh! You can also watch her, Tu Tu Mein Mein, and Family Dangal series which will also keep you entertained by tickling your funny bone.

Maa Ka Board Exam

Maa Ka Board Exam by Alright Comedy presents popular celebs like Apoorva Arora, Surbhi Verma, Anuradha Kaliya, and Purnendu Bhattacharya. This is a binge-worthy 7 episode series that has a beautiful story. If you have nightmares of failing in any subject, just one day before the exam, then go ahead and watch this. During board exams, parents are after kids pressurizing them. This story revolves around the role reversal and how a mother decides to give board exams a try. The terror of board exams is something we all have faced in our lives. Find out what happens in the life of every family during board exams with this sketch comedy.

Types Of Neighbors

This series is the most relatable and fun-filled comedy by Sushma Chhikara, starring herself along with some other ladies. She portrays and shows how neighbors come in all types with the right amount of comedy. Some are borrowing, some are annoying, some compare, some gossip, and some are so judgemental. Some neighbors even barge into our personal space. Do not miss the hilarious end of episode 3. You’ll surely enjoy this series of Sushma as she deals with her pesky neighbors.


Destiny by Picture Dekho Productions is a beautiful romantic series of 10 episodes that features Neet Kapoor and Jasleen Sachdeva. This story revolves around Priyana and Rehaan. Priyana is a bubbly and charming girl who is smart and a bit weird, but she always had bad luck with love and never thought of being in a relationship. She then comes across Rehaan in the general store and as time flies, sparks fly and they grow close to each other. Watch out how they reach their destiny of love from being strangers to friends to a couple to enemies and lovers finally.

Anumanapu Pellam

Anumanapu Pellam means doubting wife in Telugu is a series by Chill Maama Official. This entertaining comedy revolves around a wife doubting her husband with funny conversations and scenes between them. The climax is the highlight of the series, not to mention the hilarious comedy twists now and then.

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