Top Places to Visit in The US

Best Places To Visit In The US in 2021.

Top travel destinations in the United States

The United States is home to the most diverse and magnificent places in the world. From icy glaciers to museums rooted in vivid American culture, there is no shortage of vast iconic landmarks to visit in the country. Every state has standout attractions and vacation spots that are on top of every traveler’s list of must-visit places in the USA.
Since the pandemic struck the world, we’ve all been at home, longing to board a plane and travel to get away from it all. Post this quarantine period, you can treat yourself to a vacation in the most beautiful places in the US. Instead of spending time researching travel destinations, we’ve made your job easier by narrowing down the best places to visit in the US:

Grand Canyon

Calling the Grand Canyon the most beautiful place in America would be an understatement. For generations, the Grand Canyon has been one of the best travel destinations in the world. The view of the cosmic-rugged landscape is a sight to behold, and a cavernous depth below is likely to leave you spellbound. This famous American iconic landmark is known for the enormous volcanic geographies topped with canyon walls spiraling across the stunning rocky landscape. Not to forget, the Colorado River seamlessly laces its way through it all! You are sure to be left mesmerized by the striking panoramas for a very long time. Also, make sure you do not miss those spectacular sunsets either – the picturesque exquisiteness is like a depiction straight out of a postcard. If you have not seen the Grand Canyon, you probably have not seen America at all.


Sometimes, the best vacation spots in the US are far away from the bustling city life. Just as in the case with the quaint and charming town of Savannah in Georgia. The beauty of Savannah lies in the Spanish moss and extraordinarily antiquated houses at every corner, combined with pretty greenery spread across the town. A quintessential small southern city, Savannah has the most beautiful parks, longstanding southern manors, and a lovely waterside area with chocolate stores and other exclusive shops in historic buildings and museums. Scenic places near Savannah include beaches at Tybee Island and Hilton Head Island, both of which can be reached by car in well under an hour. The roads in this town are uncanny yet appealing, leaving you more anticipated to explore and unravel what the town has in store. Besides being regarded as the best state to live in the US, Georgia has some exciting places to visit as well, such as the Colonial Park Cemetery, Bonaventure Cemetery (a location for the book and film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, and the Mercer Williams house.

New York City

New York City is unlike any other city in the world. To get a feel of the real America, you need to head out to New York City- the city that never sleeps. By far one of the best places to visit in the US, New York City is especially attractive and captivating for the unique combination of the hustle-bustle of a city and the old-world charm of places steeped in traditional American history and culture. You could wander freely on the streets of the glitzy, dazzling, and busy Times Square or catch a show on Broadway while treating yourself to some delectable New York pizza. There are numerous iconic places to visit in this city, such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Broadway, and of course, the Statue of Liberty. There is always so much to discover in this beautiful city. In this concrete jungle, there is an old-fashioned charm still lingering around Fifth Avenue that you cannot miss for anything.

San Francisco

If you are looking for the perfect getaway with your loved ones, you need to add this West Coast City to your list. What makes San Francisco one of the best places to travel in the US? Prominent landmarks include the Golden Gate Bridge, a bright orange bridge connecting San Francisco and Marin County. The spectacular coastal highway drive is remarkably stunning, to say the least. The scenic view includes varied shades of subterranean blue waters, jagged mountains, and spiraling greenery at every edge. A road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway would transport you in a world of zero chaos, breezy winds, and an orange warm sun setting at the backdrop. Besides journeying on San Francisco Bay, you could tour Alcatraz, roam and explore Fisherman’s Wharf, or hop on a streetcar or bus to explore the city’s famous sites. Also, do not forget to check out Yosemite National Park while you are there. A top tourist attraction for years, Yosemite National Park is known for its numerous waterfalls, including the gigantic Yosemite Falls, which is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world.


Alaska has to be one of the best vacation spots in the US, thanks to the gorgeous glaciers, heavenly waterfalls, and historic ports. A top vacation spot for years, Alaska has the same marvels as the Arctic but with more appropriate temperatures. While you are at it, visit Mount Denali, North America’s highest peak, where you can see the world. The magic that Alaska has to offer does not end without hopping onto the Norwegian Jewel, a seven-night southbound cruise through the Alaskan Inside Passage. If you are an adventure lover, make the most of your time skiing and sailing through Inside Passage, which takes you through the scenic ice glaciers and ports like Skagway. Through this exhilarating voyage, you are likely to come across wildlife, including bears and eagles- all from your comfortable cruise. We can all mutually agree that this has to be the best vacation spot in the US. Ever.

National Parks In Utah

Southern Utah is unique for being home to the best places one could ever want to witness while vacationing. A landscape like no other, Southern Utah has a vast number of canyons, arches, amphitheaters, and extraordinary beautiful rock establishments. The best part is that all of Utah’s parks provide access to the state’s most mind-blogging scenery, making it a must-visit place in the US. The Zion National Park, Arches National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park are all the iconic parks in Southern Utah that you must visit to get a feel of the beauty of this city. All the parks have an out-of-the-world panorama. The hiking trails, mounting cliff walls, waterfalls, and rivers cascading through all the valleys are a sight to behold.


Hands down one of the best places to vacation in the US, Orlando is synonymous with Kissimmee. It is home to the most well-known theme parks, including Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are the big attractions. The best vacation spot in the US for families and children, Orlando is ideal for adults too. They can also enjoy the spectacular parks, besides visiting all the shopping spots. Not to forget, there is so much to do with dining, golfing, and basking in the glorious sunshine. Being a popular tourist attraction in the US, Orlando is clued-up for tourists, with tons of options for hotels and home rentals available in the area. Despite that the location of the city is in the inland area, it is within the calm day-tripping distance of both coasts, including the popular Kennedy Space Centre, located at Cape Canaveral on the Atlantic Coast.


This one had to be on our list of the best destinations in the USA. Colorado is ideal for many reasons; including the fact that the climate and mountainous landscapes are in perfect sync with one another. The snow-peaked mountains and waterfalls add a magical element to the whole scenic view (that is visible from all quarters). Colorado has the best-hidden vacation spots, mainly because of the famous ski resorts, and the vast number of physical activities and sports one can explore there, such as hiking, mountain biking, and rafting are the most popular pursuits to try out. Some of the best places to visit in Colorado are the towns of Vail, Aspen, Telluride, and Durango. The Mesa Verde National Park is whimsical, home to incredible Native American cliff lodgings, besides being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you feel like indulging on a road trip to enjoy the scenic drives, such as the San Juan Scenic Byway and the Million Dollar Highway- you will witness breath-taking highland scenery and old mining townships like Silverton and Ouray.

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