Types of Prompts – Video Ideas to Help You Create!

Types of Prompts

Hey ho! Video ideas ahoy!

Ideas are the gateway to imagination and creativity! Ideas can strike you at any time without notice. Without ideas, we wouldn’t have many things. Like the telephone! If Graham Bell hadn’t visited his hard-of-hearing mother in Canada, he wouldn’t have had the idea for the “electrical speech machine.” Yes, that’s what he named the first telephone! Additionally, he suggested that the standard greeting be “Ahoy!” when answering the telephone, but we’re sure that The Big Bang Theory fans in the house already knew that! 

Ideas are essential in all fields. Similarly, video content creation also requires ideas. A lot of planning and insight goes into video making, and to create eye-catching content, you need unique video ideas. These ideas will help you create videos that can enthrall an audience and build a community. 

So, how do you come up with video ideas? If inspiration is everywhere, where do you look? More importantly, what do you look for? If you also sometimes struggle with coming up with quirky video content ideas, we’re here for you! More specifically, our Prompts are here for you! 

Prompts are brief video ideas for you to build on. They’re like the keel of a ship that helps you stay steady while you speed up your boat of content creation! Okay, that’s one too many nautical references, but you get what we mean. Prompts help you create videos, and these different types of Prompts can help you further narrow down your search for your niche content. Check them out! 

Types of Prompts on Rizzle

1.. 2.. 3.. Comedy!

Comedy is king! Whether you like situational comedy, skits, musical comedy, or deadpan comedy, these Prompts encompass all of these! On comedy Prompts, you can make meme videos or “Vemes” which are basically funny videos that have an underlying theme. 

With these video ideas, it’s easy to create content that appeals to the fun-loving audience that appreciates good humor. Comedy is welcome in most situations, so there are several things you can do with these Prompts. They have ideas for skits, memes, embarrassing birthday videos, pranking your BFFs, silly joke videos, and many more! 

So channel Naina from Kal Ho Na Ho and go, “1.. 2.. 3.. Ting!” Laugh and let live!

Check out this video under the comedy Prompts section – Your reaction when someone gives you work in the morning!

Life’s What You Prompt It! 

Life, as we know, is a general topic. But we give you creative video ideas that make you think about life as you know it. Don’t worry, we won’t ask hard-hitting questions that might make you question your life. But just a little poke to make you wonder and share your opinion. 

After all, it’s good to stay connected to yourself and ask questions that can advance your understanding of life. These Prompts can also kick start interesting conversations about opposing opinions and the ideals of the people within a community. 

Like this video on – A mistake repeated twice is a decision! #LearnFromMistakes

Everything’s Fair in Love & Romance!

Already imagining roses and getting butterflies in your tummy? That’s exactly what we’re talking about! These Prompts revolve around you and your romantic heart. They include sharing stories about your love life, crushes, first dates, awkward dates and many other aspects of the pursuit of romance. 

These video ideas can help you open up windows and let you see into people’s hearts, get to know about their likes and dislikes. You could also learn about red flags while dating someone. Trust us, it really helps! And if your life only has the Com and no Rom, welcome to the club! (Alexa, play sad songs)

If you have ever been in this situation, then you could try and make a video on this Prompt – How do you deal with unrequited love?

TV & Series Buff-y! 

If you’re fangirling, or fanboying, over a series or a movie, then chances are there are others just like you! So, find your tribe by making videos on Prompts under this category. You can share your thoughts about your favorite TV series, movies, characters, fan theories, and more! You can even re-enact your favorite scenes and mimic that Vampire Slayer you’ve been crushing on! 

Potterheads, here’s your chance to rant about how Harry should have named a child after Hagrid! The GoT fans can join in after the HIMYM stans have shed some tears. Okay, we hope you get what we’re trying to say. It’s your clan! Time to find them!

Here’s Jess Wyse sharing which Disney movies are underrated according to her! 

Music in My Mind! 

Music is our soul, our love, and our life! So it makes perfect sense that we have Prompts around it. Music Prompts can give you many ideas for video making and keep you hooked. You can create videos on your favorite music tracks, talk about your favorite artists, dance to your best loved tunes, or even sing yourself! You can unravel your inner talents with these Prompts. 

All the Swifties and Selenators, and BTS Army and Barbies can gather here. It’s a safe space to sing your hearts out! 

Or watch Montrell talk about which song calms him down! 

Sport That Sports! 

Mets or Messi, KKR or Kohli, whichever player, team, or game you’re rooting for, share your thoughts with Prompts! You can share your best moves, tricks and tips, favorite moments from games, and even list your sports crushes. 

Zane speaks about which sport he likes watching more, football or baseball! 

Pop and Lock

Pop culture has been on the rise in recent years. We couldn’t get enough of it even if we wanted to! Prompts about pop culture are all the Prompts that include movies, pop music, conversations about conspiracy theories, and aliens. 

We’ll leave the rest for you to figure out but be sure to watch Lindsey Baker share her thoughts on how the Joker’s only weakness is his fascination with Batman! 

Well now you know the secret to never running out of ideas! If you ever face a deficit of video ideas, Prompts are the answers to your prayers. They have started many conversations and brainstorming sessions among our creators. They might also be the chance for you to start a conversation with your favorite creator! 

Rizzle is a creator-focused app that believes in helping creators in every way. This includes Prompts to encourage creativity. These different types of Prompts also assist you in discovering your niche and deciding which one you want to build your content around. They are a great help in video making and even more in making consistent video content on your page or channel.

So what are you waiting for? Try making a video using one of the Prompts, and let us know which types of Prompts you liked the most in the comments below!

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