Unconventional Gift Ideas – All Under $25

best gifts under $25

Gifts have always been a part of our festivities and celebrations. They’ve been a token of love, affection, appreciation, and upholding traditions. That being said, we often struggle to get our loved ones the perfect gift. Especially with the multitude of gifts at our disposal and the ease of online shopping, things naturally have gotten more complicated than ever.
Running out of time and ideas in finding that perfect gift? Worry not! We got you covered!

Here’s a list of gift ideas you must consult before making rash and typical gift decisions. The best part is we’ve made sure you can get these under $25 without overburdening your wallet.

Spa Hamper

What’s more perfect than giving someone an entire basket filled with colorful and beautifully scented items. Pick a few bath bombs, scented candles, face masks, shower gel/ soaps in a cute little basket and wrap it with a nice little bow and a personalized note. The best part is you get a whole load of customized hampers online depending on the occasion and personal preferences. Mind you! If you’re thinking this is only ideal for females, you couldn’t be more wrong! There are quite a few wonderful bath baskets for males as well that make perfect Father’s Day gifts!**

Neck Massager

In these stressful times, everyone looks for comfort and relief and there’s nothing better than a good massage to fix things. If you care for your loved ones suffering from stress, get them a handy neck massager that will turn their downtime into something relaxing and rejuvenating. Prices start as low as $12 for this fantastic item. Apart from being light on your pocket, it also shows you care for the recipient’s well being! Another win-win.

Makeup: Shadow Palette

Ummm… this is a major no brainer. Literally every female would love to have an elaborate shadow palette. I mean, girls from a young age are interested in glamming up their dolls so go ahead and give your female loved ones a shadow palette and we promise they’ll be over the moon!

Wine Decanter/ Aerator Pourer

This is yet another classy and grown-up gift. Gift your connoisseur peeps a lovely decanter and they’ll love you the more for it. And yes, it’ll cost you less than $25. So switch up your gifting game with this wonderfully elegant pick!

Portable Speaker

Who doesn’t love music? Passion for music is in our blood! Gift a portable speaker to your friends and family who love getting in the groove. It’s ideal to carry around whilst traveling. The party will never end with such a gift!

Reusable straws

This is another up and coming gift, and gives you a chance to go eco-friendly! Just like with customized chopsticks and other cutlery items, this is another brilliant invention. Made of stainless steel, this straw is hygienic as you can clean and use it as and when required. It’s also safer compared to the plastic straws that we are all used to.

What did you think of these gift ideas? Were they unconventional enough and light on the wallet as we promised? Share your gift ideas on Rizzle!

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