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With the entire human population obsessed with the likes of Beyonce and Drake, many artists go unnoticed.

With the entire human population obsessed with the likes of Beyonce and Drake, many artists go unnoticed. Not saying that Beyonce is bad, she is the Queen and her music is so amazing but artists like Beyonce dominate the music world, making it extremely difficult for newcomers to get the spotlight. But music is a passion, it has never stopped anyone from delivering their piece of art to the world. With the advantage of social media and video sharing platforms, anyone can build an audience for their music. And it is disheartening to see some artists not receive the kind of recognition and appreciation that they deserve. So, here are five of those underrated artists:

Rich Brian

The first on our list is Asian Rapper and YouTube prodigy Rich Brian. He became famous for his song Dat $tick which became an instant hit in 2016. In the music video for Dat $tick he is seen wearing a pink polo T-shirt and a fanny pack, going on about being someone who cannot rap but boy oh boy can he spit some amazing rhymes. Instant fame and his stage name created controversy around his persona with some people even accusing him of mocking hip-hop culture but he overcame all those and earned the backing of his hip-hop peers. Go check him out and support his music.

Recommended songs- Dat $tick, Glow Like Dat, and Kids.

Anderson .Paak

Known as the hip-hop prince by his fans Anderson .Paak is a singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist from California. Like many legendary rappers, he was also recognized by Dr. Dre who seems to have the knack to pick talent. Anderson .Paak is of very interesting heritage, he is half African-American and half Korean. The dot in his name “.Paak” stands for his style and to stand out, it also signifies his attention to detail. He is highly talented and very highly underappreciated. Even though he won three Grammy awards, he is still not a household name.

Recommended Songs: Come Down, Bubblin, and Make It Better.

Witt Lowry

Like most artists, Witt Lowry is not the singer’s real name, his real name is Mark Lawrence Richard Jr. Unlike most rappers Witt Lowry has a college degree in graphic designing and he had a desk job as a graphic designer which he actually liked. His rapping style is compared with Eminem during his early days because of the speed and the delivery. This might be because his music is influenced by Eminem and Macklemore. Given the opportunity, he has the potential to really become the next big rapper.

Recommended music: Like I do, Move On, Wonder If You Wonder

Sabrina Carpenter

If you know this name you might be knowing her from her Disney show “Girls Meet World”, as most people seem to see her as an actor only. She has been in a lot of Disney movies and shows and has even sung in some of them. Sabrina Carpenter has three albums and her music is astounding and for such a cute face, her voice is a powerhouse. Owing to her acting, she is also an amazing performer, but like most of our artists on this list, her music is very underrated. So, ‘keep on twiddlin’ them thumbs Skiddly-dee-da-dum’ and show some love to her music.

Recommended songs: Thumbs, Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, and Smoke and Fire.

Little Mix

You might have heard about the amazing Little Mix and might be wondering why they are on our list today, well that is because they are one of the most underrated artists of all time. They were formed during The X-factor- UK (One Direction is not the only one) and they are one of the most famous girl bandS in the world having broken several records, yet being massively underrated. The media focuses more on their personal life and their boyfriends rather than their talent. Perrie Edwards has such a powerful vocal range but she is still known as “Zayn’s ex-girlfriend.” This all-girl band deserves more recognition and appreciation.

Recommended Songs: Only You, Secret Love Song, and Wings.

Which artist should have made this list according to you? Rizzle about it!

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