Unique Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

“I love you.”

Unless you’re Ted Mosby saying this on the first date, your valentine would love to hear these words, especially on Valentine’s Day. With Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day, and the entire Valentine’s week around the corner, we thought it’s necessary to drop in and spread some love. 

Did you know that Valentine’s Day originated as a feast day honoring two early Christian martyrs who were both named Valentine? This day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. The idea of this day being about romantic love originated in the 14th century with Geoffrey Chaucer’s poetry “The Parliament of Fowls”. There is a mention of ‘Seynt Valentynes Day’ in the poem. Then, in 1477, Margery Brews called her cousin “my right, well beloved Valentine” in a letter she wrote.

Ugh! Too many history lessons, it’s time to get to the real reason we’re excited – Valentine gifts! 

So, hop on the broom, and let’s go on a magical ride together! 

Unique Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it; you’ve thought of this a lot. You’ve gone through several online stores, several gift ideas for your special someone, and none seemed good enough. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are some hatke gifts you can give them. 

Gift Set for Everyday Conveniences

Before you rule this out and call us basic, hear us out. Ask yourself this question – Which inconveniences are more annoying to you on an everyday basis? Chances are that you’ll find the minor troubles more agitating, like a constant headache, earphones getting tangled, interrupted Wi-Fi, and such. 

We’re sure your significant other would also agree with us. A perfect gift for us simple folks would be an essential gift set consisting of effortless solutions to these minor problems. These could be aromatic candles and oils, a massager, earphones, or earphone cases that keep your wired earphones from getting into wild tangles like these. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about the Wi-Fi network, but you get the idea. A set of small, thoughtful conveniences added to your partner’s life would put a smile on their face every day as they think of you.

Star in My Eyes

If you believe in making grand gestures like serenading your love through the microphone, this is for you! You can name a star after your partner or even buy it for them!

The perfect setting to present them with this gift would be taking them to the beach at night and giving them the certificate while playing “You’re a sky full of stars” by Coldplay on the speakers. If you have no beach around, your terrace will work great too. 

We don’t claim to be the experts in romance, but you can’t deny that this is an amazing idea. 

The Good Old Playlist

Making a playlist for your partner is a small but solid gift that you can give them. It has been an act of love since the olden days. And if you and your Valentine have different tastes in music, this is even better because you can have fun with it. 

You can make them experience your music and add the songs that make you think of them. They don’t even have to be romantic songs. They can include the first song they sent you or the first song that you danced to. And if you can stand outside their house holding a boombox like John Cusack, then it’s just *chef’s kiss*! 

Plan a Trip

Hold your horses. We don’t mean you pack up your bags and travel to a faraway place for a getaway. Although that could be a good idea if it fits your schedule and budget. What we mean is you could plan a long drive or a getaway somewhere close to you. You could also go on a longer stay-cation in a resort, relax and spend some quality time together. 

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you could go camping in your backyard or someplace nearby that you and your partner both like. You could build a small bonfire, get a cozy blanket, and roast some marshmallows over the crackling flames and you’ve got the perfect date! 

Books, Series & Movies Merch

If you and your Valentine are nerdy, you can celebrate that together! Find out which book, movie, or series they’re a fan of and get clothes, accessories, and many other goodies. Use these to twin with them and enjoy your fandoms together! The fun here is that you get to decide which character they will be and the overall look. You can dress up as your favorite characters and celebrate your love in a quirky way!

Whether it’s the couple who sips on Love Potion and visits Hogsmeade, or Romeo who meets his Juliet at the window. You can be each other’s Lobster for life. Whatever you like, just go crazy with it! 

Create a Memory Board

This one’s more for the sweeter, emotional side of you. Similar to a vision board, you could take your and your Valentine’s photos together and arrange them on a memory board to showcase the timeline of your relationship. 

You can add fairy lights to the frame and turn it into a cute wall hanging that serves as a pretty cute reminder. 

DI-Y not? It’s the cutest!

DIY gifts are the safest, and more importantly cutest option of all. When you make something for your partner, it’s obvious they’ll like it because you put in your time and effort into creating something special. Also, what’s better than a customized, personalized gift that says, “I love you” in your partner’s love language? We’ll save you the thinking – Nothing! 

Check out this little card you can make with just a few things and a whole lot of love!

If you’re feeling more creative, here’s what you can do with a few doodles, some cut-outs, and lots of glue. This simple yet adorable design will win your Valentine’s heart all over again!

Foody Recipes for Foodie Besties

There’s a chance you’re lucky enough to have your best friend as your Valentine. If that’s true, you know what they like to eat best. Get to the kitchen, put on your apron, and get cooking! Hey, who knows, maybe they’ll kiss the chef? 

Does your partner love Tiramisu? Then, we have an easy recipe for you! Watch how to make Tiramisu Biscuit Latte!

Is your Valentine always craving sugar? This Brownie recipe will help you make your way to their heart!

Tres leches – sounds like a cool thing to say, right? It means ‘three milks’ in Spanish. Try this version of it, and enjoy it with your Valentine! 

Food is the best love language! These recipes will ensure you find the quickest way into your valentine’s heart, through their stomach!

Because “I don’t like food,” said no one ever!

Now that we’ve seen how you can mesmerize your Valentine, let’s also look at some fun activities you can do with them. 

Short video content ideas for couples

Making short videos together is a great way to spend time and enjoy each other’s company. There are numerous wholesome videos of couples taking on challenges, pranking each other, playing games, and doing many other exciting things. We’re here to show you what kind of short videos you can make with your boo and maybe even go viral. 


Comedy never goes out of style, and having a partner who gets your sense of humor is just perfect! Watch this couple being goofy with each other on their channel! 


Are there some questions you wanted to ask your partner but never got around to it? Here’s your chance! You could make short videos with your oh-so Valentine and ask them all the things you ever wanted to. Here’s how you do it. 


Whatever adventures you and your Valentine go to, you could always make a short video dancing to your favorite tune – like this lovely couple dancing to Olly Murs on a cliff. 

Don’t Forget Self-Love

On a day about love, how can we forget self-love? You can do so many things with your Valentine. If you don’t have a valentine, then you can be your own Valentine! Whichever box you fit in, we have some ideas in our bag for you!

Valentine OOTD

If you have a Valentine look to flaunt, go right ahead! You can add effects and filters to add the cherry on top to that flawless outfit. 

Makeup look

No Valentine’s day look is complete without makeup. If your makeup skills are a little rusty, don’t worry. Watch easy tutorials by beauty influencers and try out something new this Valentine’s day. 

A day for love should be celebrated with love, and our loved ones definitely deserve the best. We’ve curated so many ideas for you to sweeten your Valentine’s Day. Let us know how you plan to celebrate the day of love this year. 

P.S You can use Rizzle to create short videos that will capture your love and make memories that last! Download now!

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