5 Unsolved Mysteries That Will Not Let You Sleep

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Do you still wonder what happened to MH370?

All of us love mysteries, but it’s the unsolved ones that give us sleepless nights! It’s not just the fear that something so inexplicable can happen in this world, but also the intrigue that mysteries leave you with. Some of the world’s greatest mysteries are waiting to be solved! There are many theories, facts, and opinions surrounding mysteries, events, and objects across the globe. There is a phenomenon in the world that has no logical explanation.

Whether it is the presence of UFOs, the sighting of angels and monsters, or unsolved crime mysteries, the world has seen its fair share of inexplicable events. Here’s a list of 5 such mysteries.

Ghost Ship: The Mary Celeste

On December 4, 1872, a British American ship called “the Mary Celeste” was found empty and adrift in the Atlantic. It was found to be seaworthy and with its cargo fully intact, except for a lifeboat which it appeared had been boarded in an orderly fashion. But why? We may never know because no one on board was ever heard from again.
In November 1872, the Mary Celeste set sail from New York bound for Genoa, Italy. She was manned by Captain Benjamin Briggs and seven crew members, including Briggs’ wife and their 2-year-old daughter. Supplies on board were ample enough for six months, (including luxurious), such as a sewing machine and an upright piano. Commentators generally agree that to precipitate the abandonment of a seaworthy ship, some extraordinary and alarming circumstances must have arisen. However, the last entry on the ship’s daily log reveals nothing unusual, and inside the ship, all appeared to be in order.

The Severed Feet Mystery

In 2007, a girl was roaming a beach in British Columbia when she found a sneaker. To her horror, as she opened the sock, she found that a human foot was inside. Since then, several severed feet have washed ashore. The feet have been connected to five men, one a woman, and three of unknown sex. Throughout the years, with a hoax foot thrown here and there, the case has never been completely closed, with many theories floating around as to who the feet belonged to.

MH370 the Plane that Vanished without a trace

A Malaysia Airlines flight vanished without a trace while journeying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. The weather was clear and there was no distress signal from the cockpit when the plane disappeared from radar screens. A massive search operation combed the Indian Ocean, but nothing was discovered. Even after nine months, not a single piece of debris from MH370 was found. Despite numerous conspiracy theories, we still don’t know what happened to the plane. All 239 people on board are presumed dead.

Lake of Skeletons

Roopkund Lake is around 16500 ft above sea level and is also popularly known as the “lake of skeletons”. In 1942, the skeletal remains were first noticed when the harsh summer started melting the ice. A British forest guard noticed a huge number of human skeletons lying haphazardly and floating along the edges of the lake. Initially, the skeletons were believed to be the remains of those Japanese soldiers who were killed during the war, but in 2004 this theory got a jolt. In 2004, it was discovered that the remains date back to 850 AD. Since then, several theories have been put forward to explain this incident, but people are still searching for answers. One can still see these remains during summers when the ice starts melting.

The Skeleton in a box

When an unnamed man left the town of Thermopolis, Wyoming, there was one thing he abandoned with a friend: a trunk with a lock on it, that was later revealed to have a human skeleton inside. The man who the case belonged to take his own life not long after, meaning the identity of the remains was a complete mystery to the police.
The macabre incident was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in 1993 and among the many viewer tips that came in, there was a woman who claimed her father was killed by her uncle in 1960. She alleged that he then locked disposed of the body in a trunk exactly like that which was featured on the program, providing a DNA test to back up her story. The sample was indeed a match, identify the victim as one Joseph Mulvaney, born in 1923.

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