Video Editing Made Simple with Rizzle

Video editing made simple with Rizzle

Today, short video platforms have changed the creation game entirely and most definitely for the better. Earlier, video creation was exclusive to cinematic experiences, heavy-duty production equipment, and hours of professional editing. We are at a stage where literally anyone and everyone can create content. This can be attributed to the surge in short video platforms. Short video platforms have attracted users across the spectrum and democratized the entire creation and editing process. 

The short video space has gone through a tremendous evolution. Vine was a pioneer in concise six-second videos. They proved to the world that creativity has no limits. After Vine, the world was familiarised with Kuaishou and later Tik-Tok, both players redefining the short-video space. After the Tik-Tok ban in India emerged a plethora of homegrown platforms that tried to replicate Tik-Tok’s success while bringing in their own innovations.

According to a RedSeer analysis, the short-form video user base is back to approximately 100 percent of what it was before the TikTok ban, with strong loyalty to Indian apps. Democratizing the content creation space has only been possible due to advanced smartphone capabilities, innovative experiences, and features. India is home to the second-largest smartphone population globally. Keeping that in mind, Rizzle has taken smartphone capabilities to the next level and made the platform a one-stop shop for video creation, editing and broadcasting.

How does Rizzle make video editing simple?

Rizzle empowers creators to channel their inner creativity and produce content without the need for exuberant filming equipment, professional video editing software, etc. Rizzle is home to some of the most innovative features, backed up by AI-ML-powered technology. The platform has meticulously curated the right features and continuously strives to bring tech and design-led innovations to the forefront.

With Rizzle, you can get that professional look to your short videos without investing in heavy-duty equipment or burning the midnight oil to edit videos. The entire idea of Rizzle is to enable and empower creators from various walks of life to produce original, visually aesthetic content, across the spectrum, right from their smartphones. 

A suite of powerful features embellishes the platform. It creates an end-to-end feature-rich environment that is easy to navigate and use. Rizzle is a creator’s paradise. The platform comprises features such as Filmi, Rimix, Titan, Templates, Greenscreen, Picture-in-Picture, Visual effects and filters, an exhaustive catalog of popular music, packed into an all-encompassing platform. Why look elsewhere? With Rizzle, anyone can create a video while bidding adieu to complex video editing software.

Here are a few features by Rizzle that will catalyze your video editing experience and make it an experience to remember. 

Templates by Rizzle 

Rizzle is home to more than a thousand unique templates. With various templates for every occasion and mood, users can easily use still photos stored in their gallery, which Rizzle transforms into magnificent short videos. Anyone and everyone can easily create WhatsApp status videos, video montages, short reels and post them on Rizzle. These templates nullify the need for fancy editing tools and expertise. It allows the user to select the template, deploy it onto the string of photos they want to feature and turn it into a video masterpiece.

Go viral with Filmi

With a surge in the adoption of short video platforms came a simultaneous rise in dance and lip-sync videos. These videos crowded the internet, with creators trying their hand at unique variations of such content. Filmi is a feature that has revolutionized the entire process. Filmi enables creators to add best-in-class special effects to their videos, adding that Bollywood style zing. A creator need not spend hours editing footage or learning how to edit videos professionally.

Filmi allows creators to focus on honing their art and content while giving their videos a stylish makeover with a single touch. Creators can pick from an umbrella of Filmi templates that catches their eye and leave the rest to Rizzle’s mind-blowing tech. Filmi transforms an ordinary video into one straight-out-of-a-Bollywood musical! Check out this blog explaining the concept of Filmi and how to use it! 

Rimix with Rizzle 

Rimix is Rizzle’s brainchild and the world’s first video mixing feature for short video platforms. This feature allows creators to make customized and unique short videos that resonate with them. Creators can opt to make a mashup of 2-5 of their own videos or pick from the extensive catalog of existing videos on the Rizzle app. Rimix does not require prior knowledge of complicated video editing tools. Advanced tech makes it simple for users to select and assemble their videos, weave in their favorite music, and create personalized content. Learn more on how to Rimix with Rizzle by checking out this blog

Tickle your funny bone with Titan

Memes have become the new love language of this generation. People use memes as a mode of communication and expression. Want to break the ice – send a meme and start a conversation. 

Titan has taken video meme creation to another level. It introduced unique templates that use advanced body extraction algorithms developed by Rizzle’s tech team. Titan provides users with new and exciting experiences. Creators can place themselves in a movie poster and play around with sizes and proportions, making it all the more enjoyable and immersive. Editing videos has never sounded this exciting, did it?

Not just the bigger picture (Picture-in-Picture)

Rizzle’s Picture-in-Picture feature is nothing short of a game-changer. Creators can insert supporting pictures and videos into their posts and enhance the meaning of their content. Content ranging from dance and makeup tutorials to opinion videos, creators can leverage this feature, making the whole creation process stress-free and easy to use. Creators can make their videos more informative and visually appealing with the click of a button. Here is a blog explaining a few easy steps to use PiP in your Rizzle posts. 


The tedious process of physically sitting or standing in front of a green screen and later editing to replace it with the background of your choice is long gone. Rizzle’s in-house green screen feature has made it impossible not to play around with it. This feature eradicates the need to invest in props or fancy backgrounds to create videos. One can create visually pleasing videos from the comfort of their homes. It honestly doesn’t get easier than this. We also have an in-depth blog about how one can use Rizzle’s greenscreen feature with utmost ease. 

Turn up the music with Rizzle 

Music is the heartbeat of short video platforms. Creators use music to express themselves while relating to a larger audience that enjoys the addition of popular beats to short videos. Good quality audio is imperative and either makes or breaks the overall viewing experience. Rizzle provides an exhaustive and exclusive music catalog that continues to grow. Apart from a library of licensed music from Aditya, Sony, and Soundstripe, Rizzle is a stage for musicians to create and share their original tracks. Creators can pick from the never-ending list of music and add it to their videos with utmost ease.

Learning how to edit is a tedious and time-consuming process. Creators often find it hard to juggle between making the actual content and editing it. At Rizzle, we provide the features and the platform for a creator to leverage and make the best out of. With an abundance of differentiated features coupled with best-in-class tech, the platform eradicates the entire editing process and reduces it to a single touch. This enables creators to concentrate on the content of their videos rather than spending hours learning to edit or resorting to multiple editing applications.

The platform presents a platter of features and tools available on a single application with a highly user-friendly interface. At Rizzle, we focus on giving creators a voice and providing resources, enabling them to showcase their creativity without any handicap. 

By leveling out the playing field, Rizzle creates a robust platform for anyone that wants to create. Rizzle aids in translating your ideas into a visual delight. Are you ready to shoot your shot at stardom? Download the Rizzle app and get those creative juices flowing right away! 

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