Videos straight outta your home studio – The Complete Guide

Home videos – what do you think of when you hear these words? Videos recorded in your childhood with all the trouble you and your siblings got into? If you’re a single child, then you must have videos where you’re having fun by yourself without anyone wrestling with you. In that case, you’re lucky no one tackled you to the ground! 

Either way, we’re talking about different kinds of home videos. These are videos that you make at home and post online. Your uncles, aunts, and all your friends can watch these videos and you don’t have to set foot out of your house!

According to Forbes, there has been up to 70% increase in internet use ever since the pandemic started. There has also been an increase in streaming online content by at least 12%. So, with a rise in online content consumption, it’s natural for you as well to be riding the same train. 

Imagine a lazy Sunday, when you have no WFH responsibilities or the willpower to do chores, what do you do? Trending and viral videos are at your rescue! However, it’s one thing to watch videos from the comfort of your home and a whole different story if you want to make these videos at home. 

If that last line irked your interest, let us introduce you to the concept of a home studio.

Home Studios 

A home studio is as simple as it sounds – you record at home and not at a professional studio. For your home content to look all professional, you need to have a studio. 

Now, a home studio can have multiple purposes like:

  • Music: You can have a music studio to sing and record your vocals. 
  • Art: You can have an art studio for sculpting, painting, pottery, and so much more. 
  • Video-making: You can have an acting studio to act, perform, and make videos however you want. 

Whatever your talents are, you can turn your own home into the stage of India’s Got Talent! There are no judges and you also have many other benefits. Let’s look at a few! 

Benefits of a Home Studio

Having your own home studio could open up many doors for you. You could design it the way you want and utilize it in ways you want. Here are some of the benefits of having a home studio.

Money ain’t a thang!

If you think building a home studio will be costly, then you can take that money and bet it’s not! Or you could be wise and save it. Setting up your home studio and having it ready takes a small investment and a small space. But you’ll still need to learn rapping like Jay-Z! 

Whenever, wherever

One of the greatest benefits of having a home studio is that you can use it whenever you want. You could wish to make a video in the middle of the night, moving your waist to Shakira, and your studio would be right there for you. You could also set it up in any room that you would like. 

Started from the bottom

You’re your own boss when it comes to having a home studio. You have control over how and what kind of content you’ll be creating. Learn at your own pace and master your skills on the way. You can “Start(ed) from the Bottom” and make it to the “Headlines” like Drake! 

With that, we (w)rap up the benefits. Now, let’s get to how you can set up your own home video studio! 

How to set up a home video studio

We know you’re Camila Cabello singing, “I got questions for you” right now. Let us answer them all one by one. 

What do you need to set up a home studio?


No, not the Expecto Patronum kind, but yes, the same brightness level. There are many lighting options available for you to light up your videos. Some of them are LED panels, softboxes, and the most popular ring lights. Beauty and makeup bloggers mainly use the infamous ring light because it gives a soft glow to your face. 

Recording camera

You can’t have a video or studio without recording equipment. Whether it’s a DSLR camera or your phone, you’ll need a camera with a recording option that you can make your videos with. The better option here is a DSLR camera, but the cheaper and more accessible one is your phone. 


To record with your camera, you’ll need it to be stable. It might seem like a tiny addition to your setup, but it’s a huge reward. You’ll be able to record yourself at 2 in the night without waking up your roommate to record for you!


A video without the audio is just a silent movie, and no one watches those now. It is essential to have a microphone to get good audio quality in your video. There are wireless microphones available now that make the recording process even easier for you. 


After getting the equipment, you need to decide what the setup of your videos will look like. Will you be sitting down like a talk show host? Are you going to be moving around the room? Will you only be using a wall as a backdrop? Will you be using a green screen to fly over the skyline? You can work on different ideas and have different setups for them. 

Editing software

There are free and premium editing software that you can use for editing your videos. The free ones allow basic functions like cutting clips, and the premium ones support advanced editing. You can edit your videos as per your need and your script. To learn about video scripts and how to write them, you can read our article

So those are the things you will need. Now a common question is, “Is there a cheaper option?” Find out! 

What are the cheaper options for this equipment? 

Let us answer this as well. Just DIY! You can DIY your tool for some of this home video studio equipment. If not, you’ll be able to find an option that more suits your budget. 

  • Camera: As already said, your phone is the camera readily available to you if you do not want to buy a camera. You can also use your phone’s microphone without buying an external one. 
  • Tripod: If you don’t want to get a tripod, you can place your camera on a table or shelf and time it. 
  • Lighting: The best light source you can find is the sun! The optimal way to shoot a video is to face the natural light coming into your room. But if suraj dooba hai yaaron, you can buy a lighting kit with sets of lights. 
  • Editing software: You can edit your video directly on your phone with free editing apps and software. Rizzle has a built-in editing tool that lets you edit and add filters, effects, and sound to your videos.
  • Setup: For your setup, you can be creative. Having a similar backdrop or outfit in most of your videos helps create your identity like in this video. 

You’ve bought your equipment and you’re all set. Now let’s get into the content that you’ll be making. 

What are the kind of videos you can make?

As you may have already learned from the lockdown, you can do many things at home. However, if you’re looking for more ideas, here are some of the kinds of videos you can make with a home video studio. 

Do you!

Dance to your tune or sing your own songs. Cross the horizons on what you can do in a room with your home video studio. You can show off your artistic skills with your studio like never before. Make DIY videos, life hack videos, and artsy videos where you “trust the process.” Finetune your talents with the world on your side! 


If you run out of ideas, trends are the way to go. Trends are usually simple, and you can do a trending dance step or make a video on trending music. Ever heard of Love Nwantiti? It’s an earworm, and there is no escape from trends for this song. 


People love a good transition video with a glow-up and unique effects. You can do several things in this type of video – makeup, jump shots, slo-mo transitions, and dress-up. So get your Suit & Tie and get ready! 


Star in your own sitcom with your unique home studio design. You can design your studio to look like a professional show with minimal investment. Make it funny or make it dramatic, but make it big! 

Now, what’s stopping you from building your home studio and becoming a star? Find the most convenient set-up for you, and you’re all set! 

You can also get on Rizzle to access editing tools and exciting effects and filters for your videos. You can check out our exclusive features like Filmi and Titan to add the extra zing to your videos. 

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