5 Ways To Be An Anti-Racist Ally

Black Lives Matter

It is not enough to simply not be racist in America. One needs to be actively anti-racist.

The brutal killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many more Black Americans by the police have sparked a global Black Lives Matter movement. The movement calls out prevalent systematic racism and police brutality against black people. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of outraged masses took to the streets to protest racial injustice in several countries and continents including every state of the United States.
While peaceful protests go on, here’s a list of things you can do to support the Black Lives Matter movement and become a formidable anti-racist ally who makes a difference.

Get Vocal: Sign petitions

Ibrahim X Kendi states, “It is not enough to simply not be racist in America. One needs to be actively anti-racist.” And one of the best ways is to sign relevant petitions to bring about change. What’s more, it barely takes a couple of minutes and together, millions of people can make a difference.
Here’s a list of petitions you can sign to get started.

Vote & hold MPs accountable

Vote for leaders who will uphold the law justly and will be vocally anti-racist. One of the biggest reasons why the United States is where it is is because many people didn’t use their voting rights in the best way, especially during the presidential elections. Be it district-level or state level or national level, every vote counts. And we need people in positions of power who represent what we believe in. Hold your local leaders and MPs accountable for police brutality and any racist behavior by authorities. Contact your District Attorneys and Mayor’s office immediately via email or helpline numbers to demand justice. In the case of George Floyd, people were urged to text and email authorities and this mobilized having the responsible officers being charged.
Here’s a list of hotlines and contacts you can still reach out to demand racial justice.

Donate to the BLM movement

For the movement to scale, a lot of support is needed and every penny counts. Make sure you donate to organizations truly aiming to further racial equality for black people. The funds collected will be helpful to the victims of brutality and their families, to those wrongly arrested for protesting, to arrange rallies and protests, and more. Be sure to do your part.

Be actively anti-racist: Hold yourself and other people accountable

Constantly keep educating yourself about racism in all its forms. Be mindful when it comes to casual racism and actively strive to refrain from such practices. Call out people indulging in all forms of racism and educate them. Gone are the days where you had to just brush off racist comments and behavior. Be brave and call them out for it. Read books on the subject and constantly try to be aware.

Support local black community-owned businesses

This is one of the best ways to be an antiracist ally. Support black-owned businesses by becoming their regular customer or by donating or investing in their businesses. This is a powerful way to show support since this calls to actually doing something where black lives matter. This is in solidarity with the cause and also is a way of telling the black community that not only do they matter, but they are needed and loved.

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