When The Limca Record-Holding Radio Jockey & Actor Joined Rizzle

Limca Record-Holding Radio Jockey Shardul Pandit

Your favorite VJ, RJ, and actor is now a Rizzler!

Everyone can talk but it takes more than talking to get people to listen to you. Our boy Shardul Pandit Pandit is not shy in this area because he can talk and make people actually listen to him. He is not just a pretty face with the voice of an angel. He has achieved some amazing feats as a VJ/RJ and as an actor as well. You might know him as the winner of Zee India’s Best Cinestar’s Ki Khoj, and must have seen him in Indian TV serials like Kuldeepak, Godh Bharaai, Bandani, and Kitani Mohabbat Hai. Shardul also got into the Limca Book of Records for hosting radio non-stop for 19 hours. Now that’s some feat not easy to achieve.

The lockdown has put a pause on everyone’s life and Shardul Pandit is also back with his family in Indore, taking time off from everything. Like the rest of the world, he is also using the lockdown time to connect with his family more. He also caught up on a lot of movies and TV shows which he couldn’t watch in Mumbai because of his busy schedule. If you feel like you are doing too many household chores or eating too much, don’t worry even our famous RJ/VJ Shardul is also doing the same.

Unlike most actors, Shardul was not inspired by anyone to become an actor. It was purely his love and passion for the performing arts that made him into the actor he is today. It is so rare to see people going for the things that they are passionate about and to see Shardul pursuing his passion is an inspiration for many, especially his fans.

As a content creator with a lot of expertise in that area, Shardul has the potential to create content from anywhere. If you are a fan of Shardul and you are upset about not seeing him on the screen, worry not because he has joined Rizzle. He has already amassed 40k+ followers and 167k+ views on Rizzle. If you are not following him on Rizzle yet, you should go follow him because his channel is one to look out for. With a talent to charm people with his voice, his poems, and the way he delivers and captivates the audience is amazing. He has promised his followers on Rizzle that they will see something different and more original content too. So, follow him now on Rizzle.

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