When the Self-made TV Personality Joined Rizzle

Big Boss contestant Kriti Verma is on Rizzle

There’s no limit to learning!

If you don’t move, the change will be stagnant. If you dream of your life to be something else then it is only you who can change it. When else other than now would be a good time to try something new? The world is at a halt and you have time now. Well, that’s what Kriti Verma is doing at the moment! She is constantly moving in her life and won’t let the lockdown get to her.

Kriti Verma, who is popularly known for shows like Roadies, Big Boss season 12, etc. has been spending her time with her family. Doing things like us all. At her home, the environment is like any other family with chores being assigned to the siblings. So she is currently making most of the quarantine with her family.

As Kriti says there’s no limit to learning and rightfully so. From being a GST officer to becoming a TV personality, she has paced quite a bit. And to keep moving forward she is improving her skills. Be it dance, acting, or even cooking. She is a freestyle dancer and does a lot of National and International shows, so it’s important for her to keep improving it. She is focusing on her belly and Jazz movements right now. In her words, there is no limit and since she is pretty new to this industry she is working hard for herself!

Kriti has just started her career. Salman Khan who has been her favorite actor since she was young, inspired her a lot as an actor. She grew up watching his films and was completely stoked when Salman took her name during the show. The feeling when someone whom you have been admiring takes your name is a feeling not everyone can relate to!

Since she has started her journey in this industry she is doing a lot of things to learn about it and is going with the flow. From Big Boss 12 to Simran – The Lost Soul web series, her shows have been receiving good reviews. And we bet her fans are excited to see more from her. She really adores her fans and reminisces the sweet moments with them. She is thankful when a fan recognizes her even when she wears a mask. She wasn’t expecting people to recognize her but when her fans do, it makes her happy! And to have more such interactions, she connects with her fans on social media platforms as well!

She was an ordinary person and is completely new to this industry but with the support and love from her fans, she believes she can do a lot of things. Kriti is keen on getting into anchoring and acting in more TV shows. She mentions that an actor is for the audience and so whatever they want, the actors should portray it.

Kriti has recently joined Rizzle and is looking forward to sharing her new journey with her audience. To keep up with her, check out her videos on Rizzle!

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